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Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been renting Motorola 5101 modem for almost 8 years. It worked very well. Since I knew my EXPRESS account can use 80GB/mon instead of 60G and upload speed can go to 2M  last week,  I called Rogers and asked why mine was still 60G. I was told I have to upgrade my modem. I have to pay $3 or $4 more to get 80G usage. I was forced to upgrade the Modem this monday. Then the nightmare started.

1. I returned the old Motorola and bought this Hitron CGN-ROG on Monday and plug it in. It worked for about 20 minutes. It failed to connect to internet. It showed "LOCAL ONLY". I called ROGERS. The rep said he can see my modem was connected to computer, it is the modem defective. He gave me the reference number. I went back to the store and changed second new modem.

2. The second modem didn't work when brought home. I called ROGERS again and again. Finally, at midnight one nice tech support man made the modem work ( or connected it to internet). But I couldn't open my home page --- nor  It was redirected to The internet worked for 13 hours, then if failed again. That was Tuesday, yesterday. I called ROGERS again. They connected it to internet again.

3. Today, the internet failed again. I called again. A tech support helped connected my modem to internet and told me he believes it is modem's problem and asked me to change it. Well, he seemed right. Ironically ,10 minutes later, when I was talking to ROGERS Customer service on my voip phone, the internet failed again. So my voip phone call was disconnected.  I went to the store and get the 3rd Hitron. It worked for 5 minutes. It failed again. This time I poke the "reset button" and reset the modem. It worked up to now, about 3 hours. 

    I am an Internet layman. I still don't know what problem it is. I still can't get on google , thesaurusdictionary and other website with Chrome. However, I can get those webs with IE or Firefox. I made the last call to Rogers. The rep suggested me to get a cisco modem. I want to get old returned Motorola modem back, but it is not possible. I  found only one ROGERS store rent CISCO modem nearby. I still want buy one because the rent is too expensive and will rise later. Another question is :will cisco work as well as Motorola? I was happy with rogers for 11 years except these 3 days, should I leave ROGERS? I am tired and frustrated. Hope  some can give me some advice.   Thank you.           2012-12-05



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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues



from your posting it seems obvious that you are technically aware and reasonably competent.  Personally, I find your comments quite reasonable/rational.  Why you, or any other Rogers customer needs to put up with these kind of problems/hassles is beyond me.


I would guess that the Rogers tech is just clutching at straws when he/she suggests that you need to find a dedicated wall socket to power the Hitron.  Sure, any technically competent person knows that clean and reliable AC power is critical.  But surely there are not that many situations in all of Canada where the actual problem turns out to be bad AC power, an overloaded power bar, or whatever!  To date all indications have been that the problem is either with the Rogers-provided equipment, or in the Rogers network.


You may recall the old comedy about "the gang that couldn't shoot straight".  I don't know about Rogers' ability to shoot straight.  But they certainly don't seem to be able to pick functionaly capable modem/router equipment to provide to their customer base.  It seems that none of the Rogers-provided cable modem/router combos have either the reliabilty or adequate WiFi performance needed to meet reasonable Canadian consumer requirements.


Any reasonable participant in this Forum can tell from the Rogers customer experiences recounted here that there does not seem to be any Rogers cable modem/router that functions properly, let alone meets the Rogers advertised capabilities.


What more can I say?  Maybe Rogers management needs to  be bridged.........




Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I'm a Senior Advisor

Great post skinorth. It would also be my contention that Rogers has no ability to "shoot straight" - at least in terms of giving customers a straight answer. The problems with all of these gateways has been going on so long now that it is impossible to comprehend how Rogers could not be aware of the issues yet every time someone complains you get the same regurgitated caca! Sad, but true!

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Hey Gdkitty. It sure is possible to access the modem in the bridged mode. Not sure if you answered this elsewhere in the forum,but if not , this smart fellow has it well described here .

In a nutshell , if already set to bridge , do a factory reset (with coax DISCONNECTED.When I tried this with coax on, the management on 192.168 was lost within 30 secs anyways even when out of bridge mode). Via , Reenable the residential gateway mode. Reload. Reconnect coax. Wait for link to come up. Should be again accesible via Before you put it back to the bridge mode , see below or check out the link above for details. The secret here is the Cable modem IP address


  • In Status > CM Status, write down  “Cable Modem IP”.  It is used for accessing the modem later, in my case, it is
  • Connect your laptop directly to the cable modem, change the NIC IP to  (yyy = anything from 2 to 254, in my screenshot I used 45)
  • On your browser, go to

Works like a charm. I am not taking any credit for this, just spreading the news.Big thanks goes to unknown Guru @ 

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Thanks for the post Peter.  it is a good reference 😄

Generaly, i was saying its 'not'.. just in the fact, that under NORMAL operating procedures for the average person (with no static IP set, using DHCP, etc) the stardard interface for it at 192.168.x.x.

Yes, you should be able to access it via those means 🙂 (but may be more than the average 'non' technical person wants to do).

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I just switched from the old Ultimate to the new speeds, was forced to swap modem as well for the Hitron.  I'm not even getting my old Ultimate speeds, called Rogers to confirm and they said I hvae the new one.


The modem is on bridge mode as well. Any ideas as to why I'm getting 80/1.29.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile
Just like to report that my modem is working perfectly. More than 5 days with no lost connections. Consistently posting 80mbps on the download and 3 Mbps on the upload according to speed I am on the extreme plan.

Only flaw I've encountered is on connecting my HP colour laser jet printer. It won't respond to PBC/WPS signals from the hitron. All my other wireless devices seem to work fine in this regard.

Definitely change your cordless phones to DECT 6 models and don't forget that download speeds on a wireless N devices will achieve full bandwidth constraints at about 14mbps. It you want faster you'll need gigabit wired connections. I think the hitron is limited to N150mbps (real throughput of 14mbps in my experience).

I agree the hitron is too expensive. The price point for a modem/router with these capabilities should be in the $100-$120 range. A modem only package should be offered by Rogers for those that prefer to use their own routers.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

It worked exactly as you said. thank you so much. You are my life saver. I have exactly the same situation. Now my gateway is bridged and my wireless speed is 12+ Mbps through my D-link DIR-615 router ( i could only get 8- with the gateway built-in wireless). now the 4 ports on the gateway set-up is: port 1- dlink router, port2- voip phone, port 3- pc1, port 4 - pc2. i tested wireless speed with my iphone using "" app. awesome.thanks, everybody.



Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile
I was replying peterblack12's post.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

I am new to Rogers and have Hitron modem/router combo unit.

I agree that a modem only solution should be offered. The hitron lacks any USB functionality for networked storage or printer connections. It's a base model unit and according to hitron's own website it was sold to Rogers as an 'affordable' docsis 3.0 solution.

Some of the better 3rd party modems will also autoscan for a clear wireless channel. A nice feature for those less technically inclined.

A couple of tips for those with wireless range issues...other people may have additional suggestions.

Make sure you don't have a cordless phone that uses the 2.4 broadcast frequency. If you do, replace them with DECT 6.0 models.

Try changing the wireless channel. This can be done in the routers setup page. Try different channels and run a to check your speed. Repeat until you find a channel not being used by your neighbours.

Remember that your wireless speed will never be as fast as your wired speed. I think the hitron is a N-150. In my experience you can't do better than 14-15mbps over this connection. If anyone gets better than this on a N-150 I'd like to know but I believe this the theoretical maximum transfer rate.

If you want N-300 or N-450 wireless transfer rates you'll need to bridge the hitron and use a 3rd party party. I have a preference for Dlinks but others have their favourites.

If anyone else has experience improving the performance of the hitron please post them here for the benefit of other users.

Like if you find this useful/constructive.


Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Another users thread recently posted about the wireless on the hitron.

The hitron DOES offer an autoscan.. his was on that and seems to be where his troubles were.  It looks like it may have been trying to change the channel too often and was causing issues. 
Once he changed it to a fixed channel, it seemed to stablize for him.


You do bring up some good reminders, for people wanting to maximize their wireless performance though.. about cordless phones, etc 🙂


As Skinorth on the forums here will often bring up.. a good idea, for someone with even a little tech ability, and with some help from us.... a good idea, is to always (and ocassional incase things change) is to do a 'site survey' to see what other wireless is going on around you.

Often the simple task of changing the wireless channel to something not in the range of others in the area, can make a difference.

(if anyone needs some help with a wireless survey, please ask).

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I'm Here A Lot

Ok ... So just "upgraded" to hitron ... Although I don't believe upgrade is the word.... For all their virtually no dead zones and whole home coverage advertising ... The effective range for a stable gaming connection is around ten feet... At 25 feet or so you cant even load google on a two month old laptop with both n and g capability... Neither frequency works... I live in an apt... 2 bdrm... Small..

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

This is ridiculous... Rogers solution prettymuch seems that you have to rent a piece of garbage barely Wi-Fi capable modem from them... Then turn off the wifi... Bridge it... And buy your own Wi-Fi router .... How is that a solution ... I have told rogers that if this is the case... I will remain a customer if they waive two months fees to cover the cost of me purchasing a modem to honour their promise of virtually no dead zones... On the plus side... If you are having issues and are fed up .. you can cancel your contract with no early cancellation fees... As part of your contract states whole home internet coverage... So technically rogers is in breach and not you...
Disgruntled law student

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Also.. wireless n is capable of 150 mbps.. lan cable is only 100... So technically wireless should be faster... If my modem and computer are literally touching .. connected to Wi-Fi I get my exact 30 mbps down 10 mbps up on Wireless is only slower for older.. g only devices

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Depending on your router/switch/lan connection... MOST lan connections now, are 1gbps. 🙂

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Others have tried.. only the 3 (well 4 if you count the old G SMC), are the only ones rogers allows on their network.. i think only ONE person has got a 3rd party D3 modem actualy added on.


Really.. ANY gateway?  you are never going to find something that meets your needs. 

From hanging around here, i took it upon myself one day, to go out and do research on other gateways.. that other providers use, etc.. something i could bring to rogers, maybe to say HEY! smarten up and use these.

General consensus from all the research?

They dont work well... PERIOD.  I looked at about 40 brands.. various models...and they all SUCK.. even looked at DSL gateways.. and people said the same thing.  Gateways, period.. seems to not, for whatever reason, be able to provide decent wireless (maybe trying to cram TOO much stuff into one box?)

All in all, in ANY scenario.. a 3rd party, decent brand wireless router, will ALWAYS give you better coverage.


I am NOT saying dont fight for it, by all means do.
Talk to customer relations/retentions.. see if they can do free rental, etc, something to cover the cost of buying a 3rd party router.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Ever since I purchased this modem, (because I had gone above the 60 GB limt with my old modem) my monthly usage has skyrocketed. As I say, only once over the 60 GB limit then after I bought this modem I'm regularly over the now 80 GB limit. Is it possible that the modem is somheow responsible?

My general internet usage has not changed at all, so how does it significantly increase after using this modem? Has this happened to anyone else?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been reading all about the problems that people are having with the new Rogers Modem/Router and have held off getting one for quite a while.


However, I really want the higher speeds so I replaced my old Modem with the Hitron CGN-2. I figured I could just bridge the Router and use my original Linksys E-1200 for wireless if there were any problems.


The new box is installed but not bridged.


I carried my portable computer, which has wireless-N, all over the apartment and used the program inSSIDer to measure the signal strength. It ranged from -20 near the router to -50 at the sunroom which is furthest away.


I then turned on the Linksys E-1200 and did the same thing. The results were about the same.


Copying from the PC that is attached via Ethernet (100mb/s) to the Rogers router over to my Laptop, I was able to get about 10 MB per second near the router and 8.5 MB per second in the sunroom.


I then tried the PC in the sunroom and I got about 750 K per second (Not very good). I am assuming the the Cisco AE2500 USB adapter is next to useless.


Has anyone got a PCI wireless-N adapter that works well with Hitron?


I removed the Cisco AE2500 and replaced it with the Powerline adapters that I had stored away after I bought the wireless router. That sunroom machine now copies at 5 MB / second which is faster that the internet.


So far, I am happy with the new Modem/Router. However, my home is probably not too demanding on a wireless system, but I can recommend the Powerline systems if some spots are too far away from the wireless source. I was using it in the basement of our house when the internet router was located on the second floor (before I got the wireless system).


Finally, Upload/Download speeds are as advertised. 27.76 Mbps download and 2.16 Mbps upload using one of the speed tests (Rogers Express). With FTP they are 2.0 MB/s download and 150 KB/s.




Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Around

Ever since I rented this model it has been giving me trouble.

I finally figured out how to set up my family's devices wirelessly, but everything that I plug in through the Ethernet LAN ports do not respond properly.

Before I was able to connect to the router/modem wirelessly, I was able to distribute a wireless connection through my other routers.

Now when I connect to my router to the Hitron CGN2, it won't supply a internet connect to anything connected via Ethernet.

Is there anyone out there that can help me with my problem.?

I want to be able to connect to the Hitron CGN2 Rogers Enhanced Wifi Modem CGN2 and use the Ethernet ports too.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Hmm.. may need a little more info.


You say, connect to your other routers.  Do you have another router (3rd party) connected to one of the wired ports by any means?


This might be where part of your issues might be stemming from, depending on how it is connected... from the port connected in, to both trying to supply DHCP.



Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile
Having the CGN2 since today and I already hate it. $ 149.00 through the drain.

I do have a few puters in the home running on Win 7 and Win 8. The Win 8 computers seem to do fine with the Hiltron, but the Win 7 computers loose connection all the time.

Also does not give me more than 7 Mb/sec on the Win 7 machines but give me 41.7 Mb/sec on the Win 8 computers.

Anybody able to make sense of this?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Assuming this is on wireless? The wireless is notoriously poor on them, and even the simplest 3rd party router is better. Many people just set this unit into bridged (effectively turning it into a modem) and using another router.
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