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Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been renting Motorola 5101 modem for almost 8 years. It worked very well. Since I knew my EXPRESS account can use 80GB/mon instead of 60G and upload speed can go to 2M  last week,  I called Rogers and asked why mine was still 60G. I was told I have to upgrade my modem. I have to pay $3 or $4 more to get 80G usage. I was forced to upgrade the Modem this monday. Then the nightmare started.

1. I returned the old Motorola and bought this Hitron CGN-ROG on Monday and plug it in. It worked for about 20 minutes. It failed to connect to internet. It showed "LOCAL ONLY". I called ROGERS. The rep said he can see my modem was connected to computer, it is the modem defective. He gave me the reference number. I went back to the store and changed second new modem.

2. The second modem didn't work when brought home. I called ROGERS again and again. Finally, at midnight one nice tech support man made the modem work ( or connected it to internet). But I couldn't open my home page --- nor  It was redirected to The internet worked for 13 hours, then if failed again. That was Tuesday, yesterday. I called ROGERS again. They connected it to internet again.

3. Today, the internet failed again. I called again. A tech support helped connected my modem to internet and told me he believes it is modem's problem and asked me to change it. Well, he seemed right. Ironically ,10 minutes later, when I was talking to ROGERS Customer service on my voip phone, the internet failed again. So my voip phone call was disconnected.  I went to the store and get the 3rd Hitron. It worked for 5 minutes. It failed again. This time I poke the "reset button" and reset the modem. It worked up to now, about 3 hours. 

    I am an Internet layman. I still don't know what problem it is. I still can't get on google , thesaurusdictionary and other website with Chrome. However, I can get those webs with IE or Firefox. I made the last call to Rogers. The rep suggested me to get a cisco modem. I want to get old returned Motorola modem back, but it is not possible. I  found only one ROGERS store rent CISCO modem nearby. I still want buy one because the rent is too expensive and will rise later. Another question is :will cisco work as well as Motorola? I was happy with rogers for 11 years except these 3 days, should I leave ROGERS? I am tired and frustrated. Hope  some can give me some advice.   Thank you.           2012-12-05



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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Like I said, Win8 was doing fine. I just updated the drivers of all Win7 machines and have no issues so far. Hopefully it will stay this way. 


Keep you posted.



Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

This is an oldish thread, I know... but there must be others, like me, who are only now getting hooked up to Rogers and being dropped with a CGN2-ROG and all the wireless issues (weak signal!)  that come with it.


Lots of these posts are about setting the CGN2-ROG to "bridge-mode" and using it as a dumb modem... a couple of posts did mention in passing the fact that this is not actually required, but then added that anything other than bridge mode is complex - all things are relative, I suppose.


I just did a LAN to LAN router cascade, it was simple to configure (took me all of 5 minutes)  and it worked a treat.


I used these instructions (and I do not have a Linksys router, I have a D-link,  but it worked fine all the same):


I didn't touch my CGN2-ROG. Hooked my old router up to my laptop and reset the IP (as instructed in the above link)... connected the router to the CGN2-ROG using LAN to LAN ethernet ports... and powered off and on the router (my wireless networks are named differently on y router and the CGN2-ROG) and it just worked.


I now have two wireless networks to connect to... the fast - strong signal -  one on my D-link router, and the slower - v. weak  signal - one on the CGN2-ROG.


It's really not at all hard, and no bridge mode required.


Hope this helps someone...





Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
You have it in the router as an AP. I have the same setup and prefer it :).
Few more steps than bridged mode, but definitely works 🙂

Biggest key point is the LAN to LAN port connection (not LAN to wan), and to turn off the dhcp on the router.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Hi, I have been very disappointed by this Rogers Hitron router, if anything it seems worse than the SMC one I replaced with it. I am going to go buy a new one and was planning to get Rogers to put it in bridge mode but them read on this thread about cascading as described by the previous poster. Is there any reason why to do this insteqad of just getting Rogers to flick a switch?





Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

In my case.. i have the Rogers Smarthome Monitoring.  For them to be able to do MONITORED services, they need to have the wifi connection more readily repairable/accessible by them.  They usually have a hidden SSID that only the security system attaches to.  Also, they can then guarantee that it works through their NAT on it.
(could have issues going through a 3rd part routers NAT).


Other than that, there is no REASON specificaly to go one way or the other.. all depends on what your problems are, and if they are solved via one method or not.

Myself, i have the SMC.

(lets go regardless of the home security.. as i had this setup BEFORE i got it)
while the wireless is VERY poor on the SMC as we all know, i dont seem to suffer from any other disconnects, etc like some others do, which bridged mode helps with.
So i could go either way.
My current setup.. was the gateway in the basement.  WHere i have 2 PCS, 2 switches, 2 network printers, xbox, etc, all wired.
To make my house get best range, i wanted to put my 3rd party router on the main floor, to maximize coverage in the upper level.
Prior to the gateway.. i needed to run a cable from the modem, up to where the router was, then another line, back down from there to a switch, then cascaded to another switch.  This was probably 3+ 50ft+ runs.

Now, i run right from the gateway, a line out to each switch which then connects the other devices, and only one long run, up to the router.


I havent had an issue, with letting the SMC do all the routing, DHCP, etc. (again, everything seems stable in my area).

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Around

Hello!!  Just went through the whole old motorolla, Rogers hi speed lite thing...  Our internet was too slow so they advised an upgraded package [express] plus the Cisco modem to run it...The old package was not supporting our VOIP phone. One day later and we are up and running BUT in the bridge mode.  The Cisco has the capability of 2.4 or 5G but once I went wireless [notin bridge mode], the only network that showed up was the 2.4 g.  The 5G showed up on the iPad but there was no internet on the laptops.  Rogers then changed us to the bridge mode and 2.4 G but I would like the 5G.  They suggested that my laptop [new] needed an upgraded N capatable wireless driver.  Check the laptop and I have this... so has anyone else had this problem???

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

In bridged, your stuck at whatever your regular router has (likely only the 2.4).


Now.. you say CISCO gateway.. the CISCO gateway, only has 2.4 as well.

Do you mean the new Hitron CGN3 advanced one?  That one, does have the 2.4 and 5.

Now, depending on your laptop.. even with the newest driver.. all depends on what the wireless card is in it. Not all wireless cards are capable of both bands.
I have pretty much brand new laptop as well, but only detects my 2.4 network. (where as my iphone, etc sees the 5).


What brand/model laptop?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I am pretty clueless about this kind of thing, so am putting that out there first and foremost....


Anyway, just got the CGN2-ROG recently and did the 'easy connect' set up (i.e. using the USB key that came with the CGN2) and then connected the CGN2 to my existing router (Cisco).  My laptop/smartphone/ipad/Apple TV now continue to connect to the internet through the Cisco Wifi, even though I now have the option of connecting through the CGN2 (the Wifi search comes up with a new account I could log into).  


My question is, do I need to disable the CGN2 wifi even if I don't use it?  Knock on wood, but connecting using my old Wifi account (through Cisco) seems to be working just fine.  Reading all these threads about AP mode and bridge mode, I wasn't sure if this is something I SHOULD be doing (i.e. disabling the Wifi on CGN2 since I am not using CGN2 as a Wifi router)?


Many thanks and pardon the stupid question.....

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Doing it as an AP or bridged mode.. is CLEANER.. but not necessarily necessary.

Doing it the way you are doing.. COULD potentially run into some issues, say with games, etc... as you are going through TWO routers.. therefore doing NAT twice.. two firewalls, etc.


As long as everything works, you dont HAVE to change it... though i personally WOULD turn off the wireless on the CGN2 then.. just eliminate any possible extra wireless interfearance.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks ask the next stupid question then.....which one is easier to do (AP or bridge)?  Given that things (knock on wood) appear to be working and given my inability to fix it myself if things don't work out once I start to tinker, I want the path of least resistance (which = least likely I can screw it up) it just a matter of going to the 192.168....address for the CGN2 and clicking 'wireless off' somewhere in one of those pages?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Thats may be the thing.. you might not be able to access the CGN2s address directly.. at lest if into the wireless or wired of your router.

You would have to plug in / or connect to the wireless of the CGN2... then log into it at (either or .1.1) with the default login (or if you changed it)..and disable the wireless.
(under the wireless settings, there should be place to disable it).


As for the other options..
AP mode. (this is how i have mine).
The Gateway does all addressing, routing, etc.. does all the work.. the router just acts to serve the wireless.
Its PRETTY simple to set up, but does require a few more settings in the router itself turned off.  BUT this way, always gives you an extra layer of failover.  If you cant connect through the router, the gateway may still be up and accessible.


Bridged is the simplest..
just go into the gateway, and choose the option to disable commercial gateway functions.. the gateway reboots.. and at this time, is a MODEM only.  Plug your router in (with a reboot on it as well).. and away it works like normal.
Just if there are problems, may require reseting the gateway out of bridged, plugging into it, then changing it back to bridged.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks GDkitty, for all your help, esp. as you are not a Rogers employee!!


Yes, I will change my wifi connection from one of the laptops to the CGN2, and then access 192.168....however, is there a manual somewhere with a step-by-step for turning it into AP mode or do I have to call Rogers tech as some of the posts in the forum suggest? Ultimately, at least in the short term, I may leave well enough alone since having the dual wifi has (knock on wood) not caused any connection/speed issues at this point, but I do want to do a proper set up at some point, to ensure long term stability, etc.....


Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

OK, found this link:


Will try when i get home!

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

  Im trying to configure my CGN2 to work with my home survailance system so it can be rmotely veiwed.  I port forwarded it, I disabled the firewall all together, and I put the DVR in DMZ.   When I go to a port checking website, ( it says it can see the port I opened, but as soon as I shut down the CGN2 configure window, or log off,  it can no longer see that open port.  But then when I log back in and recheck it, its open again.  Im at a total loss why, any suggestions?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

From my experience... the CGN2.. doesnt have the greatest port forwarding... something is flakey in the firmware, IMHO.

What internet plan are you on?

Just trying to see if there is a direct tie in with the CGN2 needed..

Could possibly switch to the CISCO, which the forwarding does work on...

As well, there are some new plans out, which INCLUDE the modem rental cost in them of the CGN3 (which forwarding does work on), which could be possible to switch to..

other option, would be if you have a 3rd part router.. you can flip the unit into BRIDGE MODE, making it a modem only, then all the forwarding would be done via the router.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

This is my result when I ping this router:

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 1429, Received = 1372, Lost = 57 (3% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 1ms, Maximum = 3811ms, Average = 86ms



I tried wired and wireless (the ping is tested when the settings are:

-Residential Gateway function: on

-UPnP: on

-Firewall: off

-Intrusion Detection System (IDS): off

-Wireless mode: 11G/N mixed

-Channel: auto

-WMM mode: on

-WPA mode: WPA2-PSK

-Cipher Type: AES

-Pre-Authentication: disable

-Group Key Update Interval: 99999s)

When my computer is connected to this router (gateway mode), all the "time=1ms" will be "time<1ms"

But if someone downloads things (My roommate often does this), I can't open a single web page at all

The signal is strong (5/5) on my laptop, 3/4 on my Nexus 5

I tried million times to restart the router, no use

Tried to change Group Key Update Interval to 99999s, basically no use

Tried to turn on WMM mode, absolutely no use

Tried to disable UPnP, still the same

Tried to disable Intrusion Detection System and firewall, getting a little bit better (still lags a lot)

Finally I realized the NAT(Network Address Translation) performance of this router is very poor

Tried to turn off Residential Gateway function (also turn off NAT) and connect to my computer, getting much better

Tried to use a d-link DIR-820L router, better (even when I use 6rd to get IPv6 access)


CGN2-ROG, may be the worst router I've ever seen

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

If you all read your Dlink manuals it expains how to set your dlink wifi router up with another modem-router unit

Have fun Read on


Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

While we are on the Hitron router issues, can any one tell me what exactly this means - from my SECURITY log


Sep 28 01:35:18 2014




MAC=78:8d:f7:4d:56:d2    :28:18:78:ef:03:4a  -------------MIMO MAC ADDRESSES


src=    ---------------------------------------- - wifi ip address for cell phone

DST=   ------   --------------------------------------------- DNS IP ADDRESS













Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

not sure, other than the top line or two..

Looks like it has something to do with the MAC filtering parental controls? Like it executed one of the rules from in there?

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Hello,  I have been following the string of conversation and I too have had lotsof issues with the current Rogers modem/router combo.  I have taken it back 2 times thinking there was something wrong with the "referbished" models that they keep giving me (because they say the only one that is better than what I have costs more...of course).  Anyways....I currently have a Linksys Router model: WRT54G.  I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on this (old) model or should I upgrade to they Linksys model that you mentioned earlier.  BTW I just got off the phone with Rogers (about the 6th time) and they told me to take the Hitron back to the store and get a Cisco, but clearly that is a waste of time, because all of them are the same in their ineffectiveness.  The other thing he told me is that I should take it from our second floor (my office) and put the Hitron on the main floor, because the signal works better going up than going down.  I told him that heaven must be getting a great signal, because I am not.  Our house is 1200 sq. ft. and if I am using my laptop on the main floor, I have to sit just in the right sweet spot to get any kind of signal, or go sit on the stairs so that I can get a connection. 

I am really looking forward to your advise, because, unfortunately, I a clearly not getting help from Rogers.  I am greatful for info so far on this forum.


Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

There wernt completely wrong on the location of the router part.

Most of them, weither internal antennas or external, tend to eminate more UPWARDS and OUTWARDS from the yes more above where the router is than below.
(ones with external, you can do on an angle, which then covers sort of both up and down)

So yes you might get better with changing its location, weither using the built in or a 3rd party.

Alternatively, getting a GOOD 3rd party one with better range, you might be ok leaving it upstairs.


The 54g one you have, is not likely to have much better range than the built in rogers one.  Its very old (probably 10 years now?), only had 10/100 wired ports on it, etc.   It was great in its day. not so much now.
you would be better served, picking up a NEWER higher quality one, if you want GOOD wireless.

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