Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

This is not to SUPPORT rogers.. as rogers should be aming to do better as well.

But switching companies, REALLY will not do much better, at least to Bell or similar. 😞

All the biger companies, which provide All in One units like rogers or bell, tend to preform POORLY.. and the Bell ones are no better (from experience with working with them on friends/neibours ones).
Just about any all in one unit like that.. look up reviews of the models.. and you will find complaints.

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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Thanks for your comments Gdkitty.


I really do not have an issue with Rogers other than with the handling of the modem. Since I actually do not have any direct experience with Bell (other than one other person I know who has it and is having no issues) I can't honestly say that they would be any better.


I will certainly investigate what other all-in-ones are used by Bell and then find out what the experience of the user base has been from them.


Basically just frustrated with poor quality hardware 🙂


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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Tried and worked very well. Thanks!