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Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been renting Motorola 5101 modem for almost 8 years. It worked very well. Since I knew my EXPRESS account can use 80GB/mon instead of 60G and upload speed can go to 2M  last week,  I called Rogers and asked why mine was still 60G. I was told I have to upgrade my modem. I have to pay $3 or $4 more to get 80G usage. I was forced to upgrade the Modem this monday. Then the nightmare started.

1. I returned the old Motorola and bought this Hitron CGN-ROG on Monday and plug it in. It worked for about 20 minutes. It failed to connect to internet. It showed "LOCAL ONLY". I called ROGERS. The rep said he can see my modem was connected to computer, it is the modem defective. He gave me the reference number. I went back to the store and changed second new modem.

2. The second modem didn't work when brought home. I called ROGERS again and again. Finally, at midnight one nice tech support man made the modem work ( or connected it to internet). But I couldn't open my home page --- nor  It was redirected to The internet worked for 13 hours, then if failed again. That was Tuesday, yesterday. I called ROGERS again. They connected it to internet again.

3. Today, the internet failed again. I called again. A tech support helped connected my modem to internet and told me he believes it is modem's problem and asked me to change it. Well, he seemed right. Ironically ,10 minutes later, when I was talking to ROGERS Customer service on my voip phone, the internet failed again. So my voip phone call was disconnected.  I went to the store and get the 3rd Hitron. It worked for 5 minutes. It failed again. This time I poke the "reset button" and reset the modem. It worked up to now, about 3 hours. 

    I am an Internet layman. I still don't know what problem it is. I still can't get on google , thesaurusdictionary and other website with Chrome. However, I can get those webs with IE or Firefox. I made the last call to Rogers. The rep suggested me to get a cisco modem. I want to get old returned Motorola modem back, but it is not possible. I  found only one ROGERS store rent CISCO modem nearby. I still want buy one because the rent is too expensive and will rise later. Another question is :will cisco work as well as Motorola? I was happy with rogers for 11 years except these 3 days, should I leave ROGERS? I am tired and frustrated. Hope  some can give me some advice.   Thank you.           2012-12-05



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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Thanks for this great thread, I was wondering if I was the only one, but this confirms my suspicion that the wifi on the Hotron is just amazingly bad. Our previous Rogers modem/gateway worked fine one floor away, this one barely has a connection. 3m away the signal strength is less than excellent. What engineer could get away with this and keep their job?


The wired connection is excellent, but we have one wired device and four wireless ones.


Now I have to shell out ~$200 and call up Rogers support (yay) to get a functional wifi network. Older tech is definitely sometimes better. How consumers fall for this sacrifice of quality in favour of lower manufacturing costs is beyond me and the industry just laps it up...


Force planned obsolescence on me and I'll complain, force substandard equipment on me to the point that I have to fix the problem with additional significant expense and I'll revolt.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Resident Expert

The reason they want people on these new ones, is that they are docsis 3, which provide them some more network options compared to the older d2 so the change is for a reason.

Unfortunately, the only option they give us are these poor gateways. They would be better to offer just a stand alone d3 modem, so they gain those network options, and we choose our own wireless options.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Around

I hope by posting this, I'm not tempting fate !!  Smiley Surprised


I swapped out my old modem for the HITRON CGN2-ROG yesterday morning. 


So far so good.  We been running

  1. Vonage Telephone Adapter (hardwired to Port 1)
  2. Computer A (hardwired to Port 2)
  3. Computer B (Wi-Fi using a NetGear WDNA3100),
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone A (Wi-Fi)
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone B (Wi-Fi)
  6. iPad (Wi-Fi)
  7. NetFlix on a Samsung UNEH5300 Smart TV (Wi-Fi)

Sometimes 5 or 6 devices connected at the same time.... no problems, speed is good. 


We actually tried all 7 devices, running different YouTube videos and talking on the VOIP phone line.... no problems.


The only problem we had was getting Computer B to talk to the Wi-Fi... it could see the network, but wasn't allowed in... then while double checking the setup, we noticed Guest Mode was set to OFF.  Once we switched that ON, alll was good.



Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Thanks very much for the link to the manual. I just picked up a hitron unit tonight and it came with a manual for a Cisco DPC/EPC3825. Not terribly useful, nor is the 128MB usb key it came on (if it were larger it would be worth wiping for personal use at least). I'm glad to learn that in the "STATUS" page, "CAPABILITIES" tab, the residential gateway function can be disabled, rendering it an overpriced modem. Doing so will let me use my Cisco E4200!


Many thanks to all here on the forum!

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

hah, someone goofed when packaging the manual 😛

Good to hear you got it all switched over.  Good router choice BTW 🙂

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