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Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been renting Motorola 5101 modem for almost 8 years. It worked very well. Since I knew my EXPRESS account can use 80GB/mon instead of 60G and upload speed can go to 2M  last week,  I called Rogers and asked why mine was still 60G. I was told I have to upgrade my modem. I have to pay $3 or $4 more to get 80G usage. I was forced to upgrade the Modem this monday. Then the nightmare started.

1. I returned the old Motorola and bought this Hitron CGN-ROG on Monday and plug it in. It worked for about 20 minutes. It failed to connect to internet. It showed "LOCAL ONLY". I called ROGERS. The rep said he can see my modem was connected to computer, it is the modem defective. He gave me the reference number. I went back to the store and changed second new modem.

2. The second modem didn't work when brought home. I called ROGERS again and again. Finally, at midnight one nice tech support man made the modem work ( or connected it to internet). But I couldn't open my home page --- nor  It was redirected to The internet worked for 13 hours, then if failed again. That was Tuesday, yesterday. I called ROGERS again. They connected it to internet again.

3. Today, the internet failed again. I called again. A tech support helped connected my modem to internet and told me he believes it is modem's problem and asked me to change it. Well, he seemed right. Ironically ,10 minutes later, when I was talking to ROGERS Customer service on my voip phone, the internet failed again. So my voip phone call was disconnected.  I went to the store and get the 3rd Hitron. It worked for 5 minutes. It failed again. This time I poke the "reset button" and reset the modem. It worked up to now, about 3 hours. 

    I am an Internet layman. I still don't know what problem it is. I still can't get on google , thesaurusdictionary and other website with Chrome. However, I can get those webs with IE or Firefox. I made the last call to Rogers. The rep suggested me to get a cisco modem. I want to get old returned Motorola modem back, but it is not possible. I  found only one ROGERS store rent CISCO modem nearby. I still want buy one because the rent is too expensive and will rise later. Another question is :will cisco work as well as Motorola? I was happy with rogers for 11 years except these 3 days, should I leave ROGERS? I am tired and frustrated. Hope  some can give me some advice.   Thank you.           2012-12-05



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Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi V...Based on what you are all saying is it's not a Rogers problem, but in a way it is....It's a lack of customer service.  All they have to say to each customer when they give you the Hitron or the Cisco is that it is to be used only as a bridge, and their recommendation to the customer is to get a Router.  If I would have received that information from the get go, I would have done that no questions asked, purchased a newer router and not have had to waste my time and energy on 5 phone calls which lasted at least an hour each, take back one of the Hitrons, which was also over an hour, had a Rogers representative come back to exchange the modem, because we thought it was defective and my time for sitting around the house waiting for half a day for that - I bill out at $75.00 per hour, so they wasted many billable hours on all the excess drama.  I could have bought many new routers for the time and emotional energy that was wasted.  


For me it is inexcusable for such a powerful company to portray these products as suitable to customers under false pretense.  Just tell the truth that the modems/routers really are not as powerful as they suggest and either get a better quality product or offer the customers a way for them to actually be effective.  I was used to having a router that I had to purchase with my old it wouldn't have been a stretch for me to have to get a newer router if Rogers would have suggested it in the beginning, instead of causing me pain and suffering....and then finally finding out threw this forum that I had been duped into getting an ineffective product.  


It would be the same thing for customers who purchased XYZ phone that allegidly was supposed to do this and that, but really only did this and in order to do that, you had to purchase extra equipment, but only found that out way later in the game.  That is what I call non-disclosure of service.  And I don't care how many companies are doing the same is just  ineffective it's disrespectful to customers and a good way to create disention of customers.  I am sure that all the calls that they get on a daily basis about this situation alone are completely wasteful in time an energy in the customer service department.  I can having to deal with the same complaints day after day, without any appropriate recourse to offer customers - it must be a long drawn out day.  The powers that be should be ashamed of themselves, that they are not intelligent enough to come up with a better solution to this problem, and probably waste thousands of dollars a day on paying out for customer service representative reiterate the same answer...making customers check their speed issues, having routers turned on and off, returns of modem/routers, it goes on and on without resolve.  As far as I am concerned in the end it is false advertising  and the worst of customer service to purposely sell a product that is ineffective without a buyer be ware disclosure.  


Again, thank you for all your help and listening to my rants....

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

Unfortunately i agree...

The advertising is... while not FALSE 100%.. its all hidden in the GREY.


"Our fastest and farthest reaching modem"
Which is true.. its THEIR farthest... doesnt mean it is THE farthest as other ones.

"Reaches the whole house"
is all relitive... what size of house?

I found its a mixed bag with techs on the phone and otherwise... some will outright say, bridge mode. 
Others dont even know about it >.>

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

I too have had nothing but on-going issues with the Hitron Modem. I have had one for over a year now and I have also had it replaced with a new device (same model) but it has the same issue.


I have performed a ridiculous amount of timing tests and troubleshooting and have Rogers techs come in to "assess". Needless to say they could find nothing wrong with the cable signal and could only suggest moving the modem to another area in the house (which I did to no avail).


The issue, based on all my testing, is that it is the wireless component of the modem that fails. When I am cabled I have no issues at all but when I am using the wireless I get signals dropping all the time: sometimes it is extremely slow, other times it is essentially "dead" and then suddenly (after any random amount of time) it goes back up to "normal". I have tested with different PCs\laptops, ensured I was the only connection (i.e. turned off handhelds\phones\ps3, etc.) and even tested different sites... the results were indisputable - the wireless is inconsistent at best.

Resetting the modem will sometimes bring the wireless back up to speed but then it may just a readily drop back down. It does not even seem to be linked to particular times of the day.


I have been a loyal Rogers customer for about 15years but I am seriously considering moving to Bell. Rogers only offers 2 modems - one you cannot use on the higher speed plans (which I need) so really there is only the one modem and despite all the posts I have seen regarding this they STILL haven't responded with addressing the hardware. In my opinion this is unacceptable for a "Communications company" ... and while I could setup a separate modem in conjunction with this one (as was posted as optional suggestions) it is hardly a solution since I then still have to pay for the second modem to serve a basic function that should be provided by the Rogers Modem ... which I am paying for with each monthly payment. VERY POOR FORM ROGERS!!!

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

If you're willing to do some troubleshooting, we can help.  There is no doubt that the wifi on the Hitron modems isn't stellar, but, to be fair, ISPs are all going to combo modem / routers which are probably just about equal in wifi performance.  Of course, that may not be saying very much about the performance. 


Just as a suggestion, take a read thru the following thread, starting at post #44 and reading thru to the end.  It has a bit of a surprise ending.


If you don't mind, can you log into your modem, navigate to the STATUS..... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the text from the downstream and upstream tables and paste that into this thread.  You can highlight and copy both tables all at the same time and copy all of the text.  Those are the cable signal levels which might be of interest. 


On the wifi side of the house, you can load inSSIDer to look at the wifi environment.  This is a wifi monitoring application can monitor both 2.4 and 5 Ghz network, but it can't display 802.11ac networks on the 5 Ghz band which are becoming common these days.  There is a new pay version out that will do that however and its worth it ($20 US) if you use 802.11ac networks.  It will indicate to you, in list form and graphical form, what modems and routers are running nearby, and which, if any, are transmitting on the same channel or overlapping channel.  Ideally, there would be at least 40 dBmW separation between your network received power and that of any other network that your laptop can detect on the same or overlapping channel.  The less receive power separation there is between your network and anyone else's, the greater probability that you will lose the wifi connection to your modem, or, that the data rates will be very slow.  As well as looking for interference issues, you can use that to determine if you might have issues with the wifi transmitter, or the antenna or wifi card on a laptop.  These would show up as inconsistent levels where the laptop was stationary at one location, and therefore shouldn't experience large power level swings up and down.  If that is the case, it would take a another laptop to prove which device has the problem, the modem or the laptop.


When you replaced the modem, did you replace the power adapter as well?


Do you happen to use any type of power bar to run your computer equipment and modem?  When these start to fail, they can emit enough RF noise to cause serious problems for the router signal levels.  Problems with signal levesl under this circumstance have been seen with the cable signal levels, but it might also be possible that the wifi signal levels would be affected as well.


As far as setting up your own router, personal opinion that is the best route to go as it puts your network beyond the view of any ISP and gives you full control over the router settings, versus having to go thru tech support to change some settings and, in the end, still not knowing what is available and can be changed on the tech support side of the house.  You would also see greatly improved wifi performance using a router with external antenna, and these days, with implicit and explicit (in the case of 802.11ac) beamforming, better data rates.  Fwiw.....

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

This is not to SUPPORT rogers.. as rogers should be aming to do better as well.

But switching companies, REALLY will not do much better, at least to Bell or similar. 😞

All the biger companies, which provide All in One units like rogers or bell, tend to preform POORLY.. and the Bell ones are no better (from experience with working with them on friends/neibours ones).
Just about any all in one unit like that.. look up reviews of the models.. and you will find complaints.

Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks for your comments Gdkitty.


I really do not have an issue with Rogers other than with the handling of the modem. Since I actually do not have any direct experience with Bell (other than one other person I know who has it and is having no issues) I can't honestly say that they would be any better.


I will certainly investigate what other all-in-ones are used by Bell and then find out what the experience of the user base has been from them.


Basically just frustrated with poor quality hardware 🙂


Re: Hitron CGN2-ROG Enhenced WiFi Modem issues

I've Been Around

Tried and worked very well. Thanks!

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