Hitron CGN2 Media Server

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Hitron CGN2 Media Server

Hardrive access via USB... How do I enable the USB access? 




USB The CGN2 provides one USB 2.0 host port, allowing you
to plug in a USB flash disk for mounting and sharing
through the LAN interfacesvia the Samba protocol
(network neighborhood).
The CGN2 supports the following Windows file systems:
USB devices must not drain more than 500mA
from the USB port. USB devices requiring
more than 500mA should be provided with
their own power source(s).
LAN1 Use these ports to connect your computer



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Resident Expert
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Re: Hitron CGN2 Media Server

While the unit supports it.. i beleive it still needs to be enabled in the firmware..

In which last i looked.. it wasnt enabled with the rogers firmware 😞

(it is enabled on the CGN3


Personal opinion though..most USB based devices like this.. many different brand routers, etc.. i have seen COUNTLESS issues of them not detecting all sizes, formats, etc very easily... much better to go with a specific network attached external hard drive.)

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Re: Hitron CGN2 Media Server

USB port is disabled on CGN2 at the firmware level.