Hitron CDE-30364 router and ps3 disconnecting?

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Re: Hitron CDE-30364 router and ps3 disconnecting?

No, you won't need the disc at all.  Its only use really is to set up a wireless guest network, provide a name to your wired network and give you parental controls.  There is one more that I can't remember.  I had a look at the user manual and didn't see any reference to Bridge mode.  You might have to have a discussion with tech support to see if your modem will run in Bridge mode.  Its possible that tech support will have to do that for you.  In the CGN3, that is a user available selection.  


If the old wireless network that you see has a name on it, I would say that it's a possible guest network.   If you didn't set a guest network when you brought the modem home I would guess that it was set up by someone else, and then the modem was turned back in.  If that is the case, tech support should be able to turn it off for you.  Have a look at the inSSIDer display and for that network, have a look at it's wireless security setting.  If inSSIDer indicates an open network, you need to have tech support turn off the network ASAP or turn the modem back in ASAP.  An open network is an invitation for someone to use your bandwidth without your knowledge and run up overage charges on your internet bill.  I'd like to see you ask tech support to turn it off first. 


My original concern was that you might have three networks transmitting, the intended network, a guest network, and a ghost network.  Both the intended and guest network should have a valid name.  The ghost network probably won't, and if you look at the inSSIDer display, the mini-power display on the line for the ghost network should be very unstable if your situation is like what I saw on my CGN3.  The MAC address will also be just as you described it.  It sounds like you only have two networks transmitting, the intended and possible guest network.  Call tech support if you can and see if they can turn off that guest(?) network.  When you are doing that, monitor the wireless transmissions from the modem and if the tech is successful at turning it off you should see that network power drop on the inSSIDer listing and after three or four minutes it should drop off the listing altogether.  Check the bottom of the listing by sorting by power levels to make sure that the network is completely gone, and not just sitting at the bottom of the list with a reduced power output.  Also check for any network that does not have a name but, does have a MAC address that closely resembles your MAC address, just as you described. 


When that network is turned off I expect you to see an increased output power for the intended network, as observed on the inSSIDer display.  Can you post what change there is, if any?  In theory, all of the wireless output power should now be used for your network and that might solve some of the issues you are having.  At the same time, keep in mind, that modem has internal antenna, which will not give great performance compared to a router with external antenna.


It looks like you are playing on the ps3 via wireless.  So, there are issues with a modem that has internal antenna, reduced power for your network due to the other network that is currently being transmitted, the ps3 which probably has internal antenna as well (just a guess) and finally the path from modem to ps3 and the surrounding room.  The network issue will hopefully solve some of that but you might still find that its not enough.  And that is where Bridge mode and your own router come into play.  Hopefully you can set that up easily and just to see if you are further ahead, look at the wireless power levels from the router.  You could actually set the router up, turn off the modem wireless, connect the router to the modem and check the power levels.  You wouldn't run the modem and router in that configuration normally, but all you want to do is check the power levels at this point.  That will tell you if you will be further ahead, or, if you might have to consider alternate solutions. 


It sounds like the major issue at this point is wireless performance.  Solving the guest or ghost network transmission issue might not solve the overall wireless performance problem and from your cable signal levels and signal to noise ratios, a tech visit would not do any good at this point.  I suspect that you might end up paying for the visit, so, for now, I would concentrate on the wireless end of the problem. 


One last item is to have a look at the port forwarding required for the PS3.  If you don't have it set already have a look at this page which lists various Hitron modem models:




The ports should be the same across all models, so you should be able to use the model # which is closest to yours to set up port forwarding, if you haven't done it already.