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Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

I've Been Around

HItiron CGN3 touted as the "best modem we have" has one major drawback - the included wireless router is unstable and unreliable - it overheats and shuts down wireless broadcast frequently (e.g. minuts, hours).

If you are experiencing wireless outages with this box chances are you can replace it several times, have tech visit your home, spend endless hours on chat and phone and get nowhere


SOLUTION: The ONLY way to solve this is to use it as a modem only. Buy your own router and turn the wireless in the HITIRON box OFF.



I had Rogers install the box and cable, test it.After some hours wireless network started turning off seemingly randomly with only 2 users connected to 2.4G.

Swapped out the modem and problem actually got worse.

Had Rogers tech come to home (again) and reset the modem and check everything. He informed us these modems overheat and are extremely temperature sentsitive. Actually suggested we turn down our home temperature or move the box onto the floor where it might be cooler (!?!). This seemed ike rather silly advice - any home electronics should work flawlessly in 75 degree farenheit conditions.

Problem was back within hours - wireless connectivity dropping whenever 2.4 has more than one user.

Strangely the 5G seems to be okay (with much less range) but gets knocked out when the 2.4G dies.


So I bought a TPLINK router on recommendation of an IBM Senior Architect friend of mine.

Installed, turned off rogers wireless an no more problems.


Bottom line: this modem is ONLY useful as a modem, and frankly there are much better ones out there but you have no choice but to use Rogers supplied modem so you are stuck with it. If you want reliable wireless get your own router and you'll be fine.


Unforunately that is $100 no one told you that you had to shell out when you signed, and the Rogers does not acknowledge the hardware is garbage, so you have to figure it out yourself and then buy a decent router.


Hope this saves someone the month of agony I just went through !




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Re: Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @dmcnab


Welcome to the Community Forums! Thank you for posting.


Glad to hear you were able to get a better WiFi connection.


This does sounds like something one of our Resident Experts would be provide some insight on for your WiFi connection, @Datalink @Gdkitty any input?



Re: Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

I've Been Here Awhile

Going through the same thing.  Glad someone understands.  Anyone change to Bell?

Re: Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

Hello @Joanne13,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. Having access to reliable and consistent Wi-Fi is crucial these days especially since so many of our devices rely on a wireless connection to the Internet. 


We would be saddened to lose you as a customer over this issue so we definitely want to troubleshoot this for you and get it resolved so you can start enjoying your service again. We'd like to ask a few questions to get started.


  • When the connection drops have you noticed a change in the light pattern on the modem?
  • Does the connection tend to restore itself or does it require a modem reboot to get it working again?
  • What type of modem are you using and what is the current Internet plan you subscribe to?

We look forward to hearing back from you!




Re: Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

I've Been Here Awhile

The connection lights would go out completely and/or sometimes display only the top download arrow, and a flashing upload arrow sometimes.  It would sometimes reboot, and other times completely go out, mostly the latter.  Simply unplugging the unit (ac) at the back and replug would restore and sometimes it wouldn't.  


It was unfortunate for me that two technicians came and the second one, who was supposed to come with a replacement, came without.  I am aware that there is an issue with stock, but the second tech was willing to try and bring me the oldstyle modem to keep me going which would require changing my package to the old one I had.


I got tired of this as so many weeks went by.  Rogers reps are very nice to talk to and each call the reps made me feel we were getting somewhere.  


I picked up the replacement modem yesterday.  The cust.serv.rep at the store said they received a box of six.  Mine had my name on it.  It appears there is a fight to the finish to get these modems.  So far 18 hours, I have not had disruption of wifi at home.  Time will tell.  


This is my first huge headache with Rogers.  I have been with Rogers since the 80's.  

Re: Hitiron CGN3 Router Wireless Connectivity problem - SOLVED

Hello @Joanne13!


Welcome to our Community!


First, let me say that I'm pleased to hear this issue is resolved and I am sorry it took so long. I know ongoing issues such as this can be extremely disruptive to your life. Going almost 30 years without encountering any major issues is a pretty good track record though!


If you should ever encounter a chronic issue such as this again, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly and PM us @CommunityHelps. We are well suited to diagnose and troubleshoot these types of concerns. If you're not familiar with the PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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