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Hiltron CGN2-ROG - How to switch off Guest SSID?

I've Been Here Awhile

On the Hiltron CGN2-ROG, I have set up the Primary SSID as, say, "HomeWifi".

It automatcially generated Multiple SSID(3) as "HomeWifi-guest"


I have two questions to ask.


1. How to switchoff the guest SSID?

The Multiple SSID(3) line is greyed out. I cannot uncheck the "in-service" box in the gateway web interface page.


2. Is the guest SSID protected by password? 

My Primary SSID is WPA protected with password (i.e.pre-shared key).


I main concern is someone using my gateway without authorization.



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Re: Hiltron CGN2-ROG - How to switch off Guest SSID?

I've Been Around

I too want to disable the guest account

I have the usb stick but I cannot see where this option is to switch it off from connect.exe

Can you be more specific?


Re: Hiltron CGN2-ROG - How to switch off Guest SSID?

@ndafoe, I haven't used that stick for a very long time.  Easiest thing to do is call tech support and ask the CSR to turn it off.  I would personally set the guest account network name and passphrase to random characters, and then turn it off.  That way, if it ever goes live, for some reason, its protected by the combination of a random network name and passphrase. 

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