High ping, slow internet lately

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Yeah same goes for me. I been calling in and trying to get them to fix it. But they kept delaying it and saying they're ganna submit a ticket for me. I'd have to waited for about 24-48 hours and nothing had changed, so i called in again and they said they're ganna resubmit the ticket.


ping test from pingtest.net





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Resident Expert
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately



With you having 6-16% packet loss.. thats definately where your issue is.


Have you had someone out to eliminate that its not the wiring, etc on your end?
(though this still could be all back end).

Are you able to do some tracert's to a couple of websites, when you are having the issue?
Just to track down and see if there is a dropout at a certian rogers node, or if its even before its getting to the first node.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

It is on their side.
i ping test to my modem and no lost.
and when they ping test from their side to my modem they get about 10-20% lost.

no nothing wrong with my wiring. All my wires hadnt been move or touch from day one that my modem was installed.

it just started happen last week. So like i said i called in a few times and they said it could had been my modem problem so i went to the store and got a new modem the cgn3 and it was because i was getting like 1-3mbps on speedtest.net and then i called in agan and they told me to change it back to the cgn2 because there is somethign wrong with the cgn3. On this cgn2 i get random d/ced and really high ping on top of that i get low internet speed from time to time.

when ever i go on any website sometimes it doesnt even load up or it is just really slow. when i watch netflix my shows keep buffering every like 1 - 2 mins. and when i download games on steam i cant even downlaod a 1.4gb game without taking like 2 - 3 hours so i am hopping they are fixing this soon.

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Resident Expert
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Not necessarily saying INTERNAL wiring in your house... or to the gateway.

It could be, from the gateway.. OUT of your house, to the street, etc.  Especially with the winter, etc.. the ground can shift, etc and stuff CAN happen to the wiring outside, or even the connector outside the house.  It may not even get that far without issues.
(again, someone on here, with packet loss... had a tech come out, put a temp line in (which i am guessing a new perm went in later), and replaced the connectors at the house, etc.. no more packet loss).


When i asked about the tracerts, i was trying to see, if then you can have something to help show WHERE it is otherwise.
Usually, there are 3+ hops, within the rogers network.. before it jumps out to somewhere else to its destination (then however many off the rogers network).
Usually, the first hop after your gateway, is the first node, most local point.. then from there, 1-2 usually down to toronto.. then from there out.

If there is a problem between gateway and the first node.. could be anything from at your house after the gateway, then to that first node.. if its after that.. its more likley something rogers internal. (though.. if its more at this point.. LIKELY to effect a larger group of people)

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Tech came in for a scheduled appointment earlier today. The guy was kind enough to replace all of the wiring for the cable internet to ensure that this problem wouldn't occur in the future.

However: http://www.pingtest.net/result/89824241.png

This is obviously a Rogers-based issue. There's no way that a new replacement modem and new replacement wiring could not fix the issue at hand.

Unfortunately, I've exhausted all options other than switching service providers, since I doubt that I'd get an explanation as to what could be the issue.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

I know they are continuing their upgrades on the UPSTREAM channel stuff.. which has been causing some issues.. but not generally packet loss.


Just make sure when comparing providers.. you may want to consider alternative methods of connection.

IE:  Taking a TPIA provider's CABLE service.. may result in the same problems as it goes across the same lines, etc.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Dropped packets during a ping or tracert(ICMP traffic) is usually a sign of a conjested or busy router. Routers consider ICMP traffic as secondary so if they are busy of heavily loaded you will see dropped packets. Usually you will see higher ping times as well but not always.


A better tool to determine what router (or hop) is having the issues is to run a utillity like WinMTR (http://winmtr.net/how-to/). It is a basically doing a ping to all the "hops" or routers that your packets have to traverse to get to their desination. This will show you what router is at fault...usually it tends to be on the rogers network before getting to the general internet backbone but not always. This info will help you when contacting rogers and they can escalate the issue to the network team. There may be 2 or 3 rogers routers before getting to the internet. 

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

This happened out of nowhere, starting Saturday morning. Before that, I was using my internet and gaming just fine. The next day I realized I was getting extremely high ping spikes everywhere. I would be playing a game (cs:go) and then the ping would spike up to 1000+ for a split second, causing me to rubberband in game.


So I decided to investigate, I pinged google from my machine directly and noticed that there are high ping spikes there as well.


See screenshot of ping results: http://prntscr.com/3g7t1u


Notice the 1k+ response times every several pings? 


What I have tested so far:


1. I have tested pinging from all machines, wireless and wired and all of them report similar high ping spike patterns

2. I have tried connecting to the router (Cisco DPC3825) directly, bypassing any switches, etc. and results are the same

3. I have tried pinging via connecting to the router (Cisco DPC3825) wirelessly, high ping spikes are the same.

4. I have tried switching out my network switch/powerline adapters to see if they're faulty, but yet results are the same

5. I have changed my local machine's DNS to use Google's DNS to see if it helps, but unfortunately it did not.

6. I have even tried changing my ethernet cables but yet the results are the same.




- My download/upload speeds seems to be fine (speedtest: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3480582913)

- I have multiple computers connected to the internet in my home, but I made sure no other machines were download/uploading while I was diagnosing the situation


This leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the ISP's end. 


Is there anything else I should check before making this conclusion?


What else can I do to help possibly fix this?


I live in Aurora (Bayview/Wellington neighbourhood) is anyone else experiencing similar ping issues?


These consistent ping spikes (consistent meaning it spikes every 5 seconds) is rendering me unable to play any games or complete any tasks that require a stable low latency connection. I am getting dropped out of games, online sessions, streams, etc. and I am very unhappy.


Any insight would be appreciated.


My last and final step would be to call a rogers tech to come in and see if they can fix it if I can't fix this myself.



I'm an Advisor
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Call Rogers. It's probably a signal problem or a problem with headend equipment.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: High ping, slow internet lately

Thanks, will give them a call first thing tomorrow morning. Sucks to have bad internet over the weekend like this 😞


If anyone else has any other suggestions in the mean time please let me know.


Thanks in advance!

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