High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

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High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

About a month ago I noticed that my high speed internet download speeds were excessively slow.  Ran the Rogers Speed Check test and download speed was around the 29mbps to 40 mbps depending on the day/time.    Tried the same test with a different computer using different OS with same results.  Rebooted modem several times, ran virus and malware scans on the computer but all was clean.


Contacted Rogers and they made me go thru all of the checks, hooking up to the modem with an ethernet, unplugging modem and determined that I needed to have a technician come to my house as they said it was a problem at my home.  Took 5 days to get a rogers tech to come, he didn't find anything wrong, but he changed a couple of splitters just in case.  The speed was still slow. 


Had a trip planned and hoped that this would sort itself out while I was gone, but when I came back still got the same slow internet speeds.  Contacted Rogers technical support again and they made me run thru all of the checks AGAIN before they would consider submitting a ticket.  They wanted me to try different computer, reboot the modem again, and they still could not find anything wrong with my modem or my computers. 


A ticket was finally submitted on Monday Dec 6, 2015 to the Rogers engineering group and I was told that these matters usually get resolved within 24 to 48 hrs.   Checked my internet speed repeatedly again this morning (6 days after the ticket was submitted and  4 weeks after my first call to Rogers about this matter ) as nothing seems to have improved and the high speed internet speeds are still slow. 


Contacted Rogers technical support again to ask why this isn't resolved and they wanted me to go thru all of the same tests again, but this time I said no.  Just tell me when this is going to be fixed as I'm paying for a service that I'm not receiving.   Was told that the engineering group are monitoring the local area for internet traffic speeds and that they have no idea when (or IF) this matter will be resolved.  After spending the better part of an hour chatting with the online tech I was told to call customer service if I wanted to elevate the issue????  


How many times do I have to contact Rogers to get this resolved?  Something is clearly wrong with their signal or a piece of equipment that they own outside of my home that is causing this issue.



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Re: High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

Hi @Jake4



Welcome to the Community Forums!


We’d like to look into getting this issue with your ticket resolved for you as soon as possible. 


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps the next time you are online and we can assist you further.




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Re: High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

I have been having intermittent upstream loss for the past 3 months, i have had 2 techs, a senior tech, a maintenence escalation, and an engineering escalation. My issue has not been solved yet, and I have all but given up. The only plus side is if you contact customer service they will reverse any charges for the internet, so there is that option for you. I will keep you posted, however im moving at the end of january, and i dont really see myself staying with rogers after the last 3 months have been non functioning. I have another engineering ticket, so lets see if that does anything.

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Re: High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

15months and i am still waiting for rogers maintence crews to get my inter net fixed  so far there has been 8 or 9 maitence repairs done and still no improvement..who knows maybe this xmas ill get a good connection cause last xmas i didnt.

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Re: High Speed Internet Very Slow For almost two weeks

the procedure that seems to work is to talk to a supervisor in tech support and get them to escalate to the network engineers... then call customer service, demand to know why you are paying so much for such lousy quality of service and ask for the management office... the management office will try to get you connected with tier 2 directly... in addition file a concern blasting Rogers using the contact us, share a concern link


anyone with this problem should be advised by Rogers to go to a lower speed package with unlimited or lower depending on your needs... shame on Rogers for this... they shouldn't be taking your money with such bad service


i had 30+ outages in my area since October and finally they brought a node down and apparently fixed it... still not sure, but my problems seem to be gone now... all speeds and services are back to normal (knock on wood)


tech support should be able to tell if anyone else is experiencing the same problems in your area... always ask as they don't think to check... customer service can do the same... the only way to get a result is to escalate from all angles... sad but its the only way


shame on Rogers for all this grief everyone is having, especially for paying for a premium service and getting nowhere... we the customers DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!