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High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi Everyone, 

Since I upgraded to the 150 Hybrid plan in November of 2014, I have been experiencing high ping and packet loss at random times throughout the day. The high pings ususally start occuring after 6pm, and range from 12ms all the up to 500+ ms. I have a long history since Nov 2014 with Rogers tech support. Let me summarize it for you all:


Nov 2014: I complain about low upload speeds. Was getting around 1.8 Mbps upload speeds on Called Rogers tech support. Ticket was escalated to level 2 support, and upload speeds were fixed. I now get 7-8 Mbps stable.

Feb 2015: Start playing video games as well as watching netflix. Noticed lag while gaming as well as buffering issues when streaming videos on the internet. Starting using the cmd prompt and start pinging and get pings ranging from  12ms all the up to 500+ ms. I'm also on the CGN3 modem at this point. Call rogers. They tell me to switch the modem. I swap it for another CGN3, high ping and jitter still exists.


March 2015: Rogers sends a tech to my house and the tech is all confused. Tells me if I'm trying to set up a new service. I advise him that should of been a service call and that I'm not setting up a new connection. He tells me he doesn't have his laptop and that he will check the signal levels at the tower and come back if anything is wrong. I do not hear from him or rogers that day. 

  • I call Rogers back and they advise me it's an area issue that they will notify me in 48 hours when they have fixed the issue. I get an automated text message saying the issue appears to be resolved. I go into cmd prompt and ping and I'm still getting pings of 300+ as wel as pings close 15 ms. Issue has not been resolved. 
  • I call rogers back and they say that they will send another tech as well as supervisor to determine the issue. Tech comes in, checks the cable from the wall outlet to my modem and says everything looks good. He also swaps CGN3AC for another CGN3AC modem. He tells me that they must be an issue with the tower or area and he will fill out a report. Told me to wait another week for the problem to get resolved.

What I have tried:

  1. Replacing the modem. 
  2. Moving the modem to another outlet. 
  3. Only connecting one computer through a cat5e ethernet to the modem and testing the connection (still high pings)
  4. Disabling Wifi.



It's weird because the high pings are not constant and occur at random times throughout the day. Even when I do a ping test to, I will get low pings of 13ms, but pings of 300ms+  as well as 5 - 10% packet loss when doing a trial of 1000 tests. 

My Question: 

I was wondering if any of  you  in this awesome community can help me troubleshoot this issue while I wait a week to hear back from rogers. It will be greatly appreciated. I will provide any information that is needed and this could be a great case study for individuals in the future. 

Here is some information:

Downstream Signal Screenshot:


Upstream Signal Screenshot:




  1. CGN3AC Modem in gateway mode. 
  2. Two Computers connected to CGN3AC modem using Ethernet. 
  3. One DLINK  DAP 1522 Switch connected to CGN3AC modem  as an access point (One SONY Bravia TV & Network Drive connected to the switch).

Additional Info: 

  1. Pinging the CEGN3 gateway ( gives me a ping range from 1ms to 20ms
  2. Pinging my network hardrive which is connected to the DLINK  DAP 1522 Switch gives me <1ms STABLE.


I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say as well as I promise to keep you all updated with my progress.

Thanks so much and take care!




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Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

I have the CGN3ACSMR, and i havnt been following 

however when i check ping times to the gateway it is alot better

still not <1 ms but it stays around 3-6ms

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

Ok, if you haven't been following the forum with regards to the updated firmware for the CGN3ACSMR, have a look at the first post of the following thread, and then send @CommunityHelps a private message with the Cable Account Number and the Modem MAC address.  The firmware should be updated later in the day or overnight, which will drop the latency to and through the modem.  That should help to some degree, and give you a better idea of the latency through the network by removing the modem latency component.


Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi everyone,


It's unfortunate that other individuals are experiencing this problem, however I am not surprised!


As requested from other members on this thread, I am still experiencing packet loss and high pings. For example when pinging i get the following result:


 I've spoken with many techs and I was told this issue is an "area" issue and rogers maitenance will have to service the area. Although I've been experiencing this problem since November of 2014, the area ticket was created in March 20th of 2015. I sometimes get text messages indicating that they are still working on the issue...

Anyway, I pretty much gave up on Rogers. Lately my internet has been so bad that I can't even load webpages properly. Forget trying to stream music or videos from youtube, soundcloud, or netflix. I can't even open a reddit thread without having to click refresh 10 times. It is extremely frusturating, and I plan on leaving rogers if the issue is not resolved when I get back from Europe in August.

For now, I just call in and complain and ask for my internet fees to get credited back to me. There is no way I'm paying full price for this awful internet (I'm not even on a contract).


My advice is just to keep calling in and complaining. Bonus points if you can get more members in your area to call in too. 

Good luck everyone. 

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Just discovered this thread.

I have been expericing this problem for almost 2 years......and Rogers has been making it out to be MY issue.

Unacceptable service.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

Not sure why this got moved here... (one of the mods must have moved it)

If you have been having issues for 2 years, its not an issue with the CGN3..

hasnt been out that long



If you provide some info, maybe some of us can see if anything directly pops up.

What/where are you getting the ping/jitter.
Is it with everything, or just specific games, etc.
Are you able to post your signal levels

how/what  you have connected to your modem

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

I have had line "jitter" for over 2 years....and they keep sending tech repair people that either can only swap a modem, or Teir 2 says..."not our equipment".

When I first moved in here........perfect connection, so I know it is possible to have that kind of connection.

According to I have 5% line jitter and a "B" class line.

I pay for a "A" class line.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

OK, it definately not just the modem then (should see if we can get this broken out of this thread then)

Where are you located?
And what end point server are you testing against?
Does the jitter appear on all different server choices?

Sorry for asking these and the previous questions..

Unfortunately, sometimes the phone techs, and even the house techs.. only have limited knoledge in some areas.
There are some of us here.. OTHER users, who do have some more knoldge or combined knoledge... who might be able to track down/see something that the others have missed.


Only asking, just to eliminate all possibilities, all spots, where there might be an issue.


One thing to look at (again why i asked where you are testing against).
The basic doesnt check jitter... you have to use their
This site in the end, has very limited TEST servers.  For ontario you are looking at sudbury or new york at the closest.
Any time you move further out from where you are, there is always going to be the potential for loss, drop, etc the further it goes.
That these test points are further out, its quite possible that the extra jitter is introduced inbetween.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Sorry for jumping into this paticular thread. I now see that this pertains to CGN3 and CGN3AC Modems.

When I discoved this thread and began reading it...... I guess I was overcome with a sense of validation. Here was another Roger's customer that was experiencing something very very simular to me.

In Sept 2012....when I moved into this house....I had a perfect connection. Fast and most "jitter". For 14 months I enjoyed this connection. Then in Dec 2013.....the connection went south. Will explain....

I was getting spikes of over 500ms, in my online game (Aces High II). I contacted Rogers and they were able to take the spiking.....and somehow the resricted the spiking to a 5ms limit. The irratic spiking still existed, just looking at a line graph (see attached) can visualize what I mean.
So...after 5 months of Rogers telling me it was either MY computer, or "it is not our equipment"..... I surrended. I simply stop pursuing this, and was forced to accept the condition. techs, teir II techs in my home....nobody could offer an explination or cure.

2 weeks ago...I was in a very rural location in Nova Scotia. I was on a wireless connection with 1 bar. Even with those conditions....I had a rock solid connection to my game server, with NO sqiggle...or as I learned it was called yesterday, "jitter".

So you can imagine my sense of validation, when yesterday.....I discover this thread.

I started a new work ticket on June 3. At that time I requested that my overall connect (from the curb >>>>> to my PC) be performed, and I also requested that it be done by a senior tech, that actually had a meter.

He showed up yesterday....checked my lines in my house...all good. When he was at the box by the curb, he said there was something not right. He walked back and forth, between my house's cable junction box...and the box by the curb. Not sure what he was doing, other than reading numbers off his meter.....but then he came to me and said he corrected the problem.  Myself being a technician, I thought to myself....Hmmm....well, lets go back and run a test on my PC (see attached).........and nothing had changed. He then tried to convince me that it looked better than in was before. Did he think I was a moron? I sit. Line jitter of 5%, according to Rogers continues to not correct the situation. They send tech after tech, that either does not have the motivation to de-snag the problem, or they are not trained enough to even begin the task. Sorry if I am coming across a little harsh, but I am not lying...when I say tech show up here...that all they can do is swap a modem, and even when I request a more senior tech....they send me someone that is not able to properly do the job. The tech told me yesterday that I would need a "in house" tech. I asked how to get one of those....and his reply was "luck of the draw".  Imagine.

So.... I really do not know what to do or say. I have upload and download speeds. My email comes in.............but my online hobby of 15 years is out the window, because of something in the Rogers Cable network....and they will not take ownership of it..........and fix it.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

Sometimes its necesary to go beyond a tech and get the maintenance crews involved.  Can you log into your modem, navigate to the STATUS...DOCSIS WAN page, copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into this thread.  I'm wondering what the cable signal levels and signal to noise ratios look like.  You can also take a look at the following thread to see what the ideal signal levels and signal to noise ratios might look like on your modem:



Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around


Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

That graph I provided, the line in the graph used to be flat during the first 14 months of my connection.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

And........once again, deaf ears.

Im done.


Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

Whatever is going on, your signal levels and signal to noise ratios on the cable are good.  Next step would be to look at tracerts to a server to look for possible signs of node congestion.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Good morning, Datalink

Please excuse my frusteration and lack of patience in my previous post. I really do appreciate your help.

Here is the Tracert between me and the server.

Hop 2 is timing out.  This is new. Never seen this before.

Hop 10 has always showed up as timing out.

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 3 ms 9 ms 10 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 31 ms 27 ms 29 ms []
4 98 ms 49 ms 29 ms [209.
5 21 ms 29 ms 29 ms [209.
6 38 ms 49 ms 39 ms [209.1
7 36 ms 59 ms 51 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []
8 33 ms 49 ms 49 ms xe-0-1-0.GW14.NYC1.ALTER.NET []
9 69 ms 81 ms 79 ms [130.81.1
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 68 ms 69 ms 79 ms [7]

Trace complete.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

There are a couple of high ping times on the trace in the Rogers and Verizon network.  The question is, what to do about it.  Is this the server that normally gives you problems? you normally use a wired or wireless connection?

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around



For clarity, which modem do you have? If you happen to be using the CGN3ACSMR, get the latest firmware here:


Also did you happen to get the Hitron modem around Dec 2013 when you started having issues?


The first line of your traceroute is a red flag:


      1 3 ms 9 ms 10 ms INTEL_CE_LINUX []


Latency to your first hop (your modem/gateway) is all over the place. This ideally should be low and consistent. For the sake of being throughout you should troubleshoot the "physical" side of things such as trying different network cables, changing the wireless channel, etc. The bad news is some users have reported the same jitter with these modems operating in "gateway mode". If you can try running the modem with gateway mode disabled you may have better luck (for the record I run a Hitron CGN3 with gateway mode disabled and an external router with minimal jitter).


10ms latency doesn't seem like a lot, but first hop latency can manifest into large issues downstream. I looked up Aces High II, and it uses both UDP and TCP connectivity. TCP has built in network congestion control, and things like jitter and droped packets are going to mess with connection performance. UDP performance on the other hand will depend on how the program is designed to handle these conditions. Depending on the issue, this could be anything from "rubber-banding", teleporting, sluggish game input, to disconnects.

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the reply Aelph.

"rubber-banding", teleporting, sluggish game input, to disconnects." - this is what I experience while gaming at Aces High II. Very frustrating.

My modem model is the CGN3 from Hiltron.

Have two computers in my office, one hard wired.....and the secondary system is wireless.

I have the means of visually being able to see the "jitter" on my line, as there is a "Ping Test" option during the log in process of the game. When I run my "Ping Test" during the initialization of the.......both on my hard wired machine and on my wireless secondary system.........same erratic activity on my line.

To take it a step further.....last year when I was initially trying to get this fixed, I logged into my neighbors ROGERS connection. My neighbor did not have his wireless secured, so I connected to his connection and ran my "in game" test......same erratic behavior.

This indicates to me that the issue is not in my house...but further down the line. Problem is, Tier II folks escalate the issue up to their powers to be......and the reply I get is.. "not our equipment". Uggg.

Is there a firmware update for CGN3 model?

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

There currently is not at the moment.


The CGN3ACSMR model (the rocket one) does have a firmware update which fixes some MAJOR worse bugs.. but may also fix some other things.. its a newer revision, etc

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

I Plan to Stick Around

Well it's been just under a year now since I reported this problem to Rogers and I'm still experiencing packet loss and high pings. Absoultely ridiculous.  Check out this screen shot of me pinging


The only good thing is that they are crediting back all my internet fees. Really don't know what to do anymore. Maybe I should just go with Bell. Even though I heard their fibre is pretty bad too. 

Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem

Hello @s1lva166



I’d like to help in getting your issue resolved. Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps, when you receive it please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.




Re: High Pings and Ping Jitter with CGN3 and CGN3AC Modem



On the 250u plan, but we're recieving very high latency / jitter which frequently occurs past 8PM although it may happen throughout the day.  The stats on the modem(CGN3ACSMR version seem to be fine, so I'm thinking it's node congestion


Speed test:




Any ideas?

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