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Hide Channels

I'm Here A Lot

When you're looking at 999 channels, I naturally wanted to hide a lot of them, which takes a long time, and the 8642 gets slower the more you hide.


So some sugggestions to rogers.


1. Speed up the hide channels. It can literally take 5 minutes or more to exit hide channels, when I've hidden a lot of channels.

2. Give me buttons or selections to bulk hide channels, with one click


a. Channels I don't receive/pay for/are grayed out, including PPV

b. All non-English channels

c. All religious channels.

d. All duplicate channels, keeping the HD channels lower in number (for example, HDNBC is 17 and 5??. Keep the 17, keeping the lower channels as priority over the duplicates in higher channels.


By doing this, I literally would have saved hours setting up my hide channel list, removing one at a time.





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Re: Hide Channels

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Unfortunately you cannot hide channels when using a 4250HD box.  Its a limit of the SARA software loaded on it.  You can however, assign up to 30 favorite channels, and then by pressing the FAV button located between the VOL & CH up/down buttons, it will cycle through all of your favorite channels you've set up.


To set a channel(s) as a favorite, tune to that channel, then press the settings button once.  This will open the Quick Settings menu, scroll down until you see an option to SET "CHAN" TO FAVORITES LIST (chan will be the actual channel you are tuned to) and that will put a small blue ribbon in the corner of the menu banner showing that it is now a favorite.

Re: Hide Channels

I've Been Here Awhile
Thank you, bigjug!
Are there any rogers HD receivers that are capable of doing this?


Re: Hide Channels


Re: Hide Channels

the 4642 with the NEW guide, you can hide channels, but you need to do them one by one.

Re: Hide Channels

I'm a Reliable Contributor

As mentioned, the newer cisco line-up of HD boxes, when loaded with the new software, can hide channels, but from the sounds of it, its a teadous and time consuming task.