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Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I Plan to Stick Around

I've noticed over the past 2 weeks that my internet usage is spiking.  According to the Rogers Usage Meter, I'm sitting at 100gb after 10 days vs. using 50/60gb tops per month for the last 12 months.  I can see my usage increasing a bit over the christmas holidays but going up 50-75% no way.  There are no P2P or torrents involved as far as I know.  I have a PC, IMAC, couple of Macs and some iPads and phones connected but all used sparingly/ 


I'm trying to find what could be causing.  I'm using the Cisco DPC3825 Gateway modem/router and looking for an easy way to monitor all the devices that are connected. It's set up with WPA2 password security with a 16digit alpha, numeric, capital, uncapital characters, so someone hacking into the password isn't likely given location of the network. 


Can anyone provide some suggestions.  Is there a way to investigate all the devices that may have accessed the network and determine where the bandwidth is being drawn.  Is there software or a device that can be added that would measure the usage to confim if the problem is at my end or at Rogers. 


For now until I have a plan, I've unpluged the DPC3825.  According to Rogers I had no useage yesterday (Jan 9th does not show up); but their network was down too so not sure if that's why.


Any suggestions would be appreciated 



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Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I Plan to Stick Around

Tks much, data link.

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked


After years of very consistent data usage I receieved a warning yesterday indicating I am past my monthly allotment by 103 GB!!!! This spike in usage is a result of the last four days. Before that all was great. Nothing has changed in my house. We do not stream nor have Netflix. I have spoken to three Rogers reps and they will not do anything to help me. I will have to cancel my internet as I can not afford the 150$ penalty. This is beyond crazy. All I want to do is have someone help me as we need the internet. Thank you.

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

Nothing else was changed in the household? No new hardware that connects to the internet, etc?
(something that could be connecting and doing something without you knowing).

Its always possible, that its something existing, which is stuck.  Sometimes i have seen where something like windows updates get stuck in a loop.. and continually keep downloading, etc.

Best bet overall, would be to make sure everything you can is disconected from the internet to make sure.


I havent seen much mention of it lately.. but there is always the chance of MAC cloning on the modem..

A swap on the modem at the nearest rogers locatio, usually would help with this. (as the modem would have a different MAC).


Has your month reset yet?  If not, i THINK if you moved, even temp to a higher package before the end of the month.. you would get that higher packages usage?


Unfortunately, unless you can get something worked out with them, etc..
Even with canceling.. you would still have to pay the overage fees 😞

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

Need help with finding what takes up a lot of my internet usage


As the title suggests, I am try it to figure out what takes up the most of my internet usage so I can cut it down. I have the Rogers ignite 60 plan with 200GB a month. I never even come close to using that much per month but i would still like to know how to see what used the most internet usage for the future. Is there any way to find out what takes up data (Such as how much YouTube takes up)? Please let me know!

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked


Hello, @Lucaman23


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for joining and posting your query in the Community. It's surprising to know that the 200 GB/month is more than sufficient for you. Surely, the video streaming consumes the majority of the Internet usage. The consumption varies depending on the quality of the video. It's difficult to see the actual break down of the usage.


I'm not sure if there is any 3rd party app which can monitor different traffic and the relevant usage. Any one in the Community is using such app or other ideas to see the usage break down?






Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I'm a Senior Advisor

If you search Internet monitoring or data monitoring by software and apps, you will find a range of different tools available that you can put on each device and you will get a rough approximation of how your data is being distributed across your devices.  Most of them show amounts per day and by apps/software.


Another alternative if you wanted to get a router, is to install a 3rd party firmware like DD-WRT, or Gargoyle.  Their sites will tell you how to install the firmware and set things up, as well as suggest recommended routers.


Many would ask why get a router when there is a gateway built in.  Basically because the gateways from Hitron really are not that stable and most here in the know will tell you to put a router in so you can do more security setups, monitoring and a range of other features, plus they often provide better wireless ranging with their external antennas.


But the free alternative, take a look at the software and apps available.


As a last point there is a misconception of just how much many of us use in our data - I stream you tube, and Netflix, not every day for sure, or all day, and I have never exceeded 60GB.  I don't have 4K TV, so and my own vision doesn't perceive any difference between the middle quality on Netflix versus HD, so I run a middle definition.


So, you can still stream and not use excessive data, if it is not your primary way of watching TV.  Rogers would like us to think that we all need more data, but I have two people in my home, and we basically are small bandwidth users.


But do get the apps and see just how you use your data and remember, that if you are willing to accept a middle quality of streaming, we have never personally never been anywhere near 200GB.  In fact, I have never been over 30 GB.


See this geek link at and they will tell you how much bandwidth is used by various Utube streams and various resolutions, and it also tells you how to set your account so that it provides the same to all devices.  They also talk about Netflix and the various settings there too.


Streaming definitely doesn't need to be a big bandwidth hog if you set things up to your liking, allowing for you to stay within 200 GB.




Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I'm a Regular


Modem reporting over the top  numbers HELP


Prior to this past September, my max daily download usage was 6GB. In September, my modem was reporting excess overages.  I was told it could be a hacker, it could be a virus.

I have set my modem for mac filtering and hidden SSID. I know that wouldn’t stop a hacker but it would take some work to get to my modem.

I was told to turn off the modem for 24 hours. After doing that, my modem was fine. I exchanged it nonetheless in case it would start happening again.  It was fine for 3 weeks when it started again in the middle of the month.

Tried turning off once again for 24 hours didn’t help.

On the last day before month rollover it reported 115GB downloaded.

Then starting on a new month rollover the numbers were fine for a couple of days. Coincidence?

Then it started reporting over 30GB.


Then I was having problems getting into my WIFI settings and the agent reset my modem.

After he did that I could get into YouTube and Google but certain websites were not accessible.

Called again the 2nd agent asked me to go into Wikipedia and Wikipedia site worked but not She said that usually happens with CGN3 not CGN2. Got my thinking is their a problem with my account?


Now what I do is close Google Chrome and Internet Explorer when I’m not on the internet.

Prior to September, I used to have at least 20 tabs open with no problem.


Does anyone think that ipv6 is causing a problem? The agent said some sites use ipv6 exclusively and that’s why I was having access problems when the modem was reset the first time.


Does anyone have suggestions to what the problem may be? Did something change on the Rogers network in September?


Thanks in advance.

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I'm an Advisor

When you set the new modem up, did you use the same SSID and password?

I would use a different SSID and different more complex password. Also be sure to disable WPS, and use WPA 2 with AES encryption. 


Lastly how many devices do you have connected? perhaps a rouge device is using lots of data, be sure all your devices have the latest firmware and software updates.

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

I've Been Around
I’m sitting at 415gb in 12 days. As it’s just me and my wife using it I think this is insane. To solve the issue I just upgraded from the 300gb plan to the unlimited plan and it only cost another $10 extra a month. And we now get twice the speed as well. Check with Rogers to see how much an unlimited package is in your area. It takes away all the headache.

Re: Help - Monthly Internet Usage has spiked

Agreed,  generally between a more base limited package and the lowest unlimited, is only $10ish usually. 

One thing you may want to look at though, if the usage trends continue, is to track down WHAT might be using that usage?
Is there a computer that is stuck on windows updates, and just keeps retrying them?

Could go further, that its something malicious, a virus/malware, which is being used as a host for something bad sending/receiving data without you knowing.

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