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Have I lost the ability for non HD station to go auto wide since updating my firmware?

I've Been Here Awhile

Just updated to the new guide and now when I go to a non HD station it's in 4:3 and I have to manually change the aspect ratio to wide. Then if I go back to a HD station i have to switch it back to normal.


The only thing that has changed is the new firmware to the new guide.


I loved that I could go from one station to the other and it was always "normal" meaning in normal mode for HD and wide mode for non HD




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Re: Have I lost the ability for non HD station to go auto wide since updating my firmware?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Hello stefano. Like yourself, I used to love the ability for the hd box to stretch 4:3 signals to a 16:9 so it makes people look fat and fills in the entire screen, however upon me doing this, it doesnt do it so well over hdmi due to the delay in signal when u constantly change channels, it was giving a lot of errors. it was nice but it was not ment for constantly changing channels from 4:3 to 16:9. plus the guide was a mess, one minute its stretched, another minute its 4:3, its a pain in the **bleep**.

in my and everyone of my friends and colleagues personal opinions, we have all decided to keep the rogers box in FIXED mode so it outputs a 1080i signal to your screen regardless of the input signal of the channel tuned into, this also puts less stress on the tvs upconverter.

with the new widescreen guide, this is no longer possible, so i am happy to say that people should start watching movies and tv shows in their original aspect ratio from now on instead of trying to stretch it.

the MODE you were using on the box to stretch 4:3 channels to fill the screen was not ment for that request, so the way its doing it is very inefficient. I would however recommend it when the programmers smarten up and actually code a 4:3 stretch feature, i know they can do it, while keeping the video mode in 720, 1080i fixed modes, which currently isnt possible, but once it is, i would recommend it, but for the time being i discourage it

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