Hardware upgrade credit for Z10

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I've Been Around
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Re: Hardware upgrade credit for Z10

What does the mail in rebate form look like?  I don't see it with any of my receipts or paperwork that i got when buying the Z10



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Hardware upgrade credit for Z10

Hello 55tt,

I was wondering the same thing .... so I ended up calling them last week.

And here is how it works...



Log into your Rogers account online.  Once you are in the "My Rogers" page, click on the "Products & Services" tab.

On that screen, there will be a link (towards the middle of the page) to apply for the hardware credit.  You just need to click on that and press submit button on the subsequent page (If remember it correctly).


Then they'll send you an email informing you that a credit has been applied to your account.  Hope this helps.

I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Hardware upgrade credit for Z10

Hello 55tt

" 1. Log in and navigate to MyRogers.

2. In the secondary navigation (which contains overview, bills & payments, etc.) click the "Products & Services" tab

3. If you're not on it by default, choose "wireless"

4. If you have multiple phone numbers, select the rebait phone number from your list

5. Under the "My phone" section, you should have a rebait option.

Those are the steps to get it.