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Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

I've Been Here Awhile

Well I'm not sure what to do... I'm going around in circles getting no-where phoning support. Guess I'll try here.


Here is my history, nothing negative, I understand stuff happens and they are doing their jobs...


July 27 Talk with customer relations regarding pros/cons to canceling my plan which is up in August so I can get a new Galaxy 3 at costco... thay had a nice $75 cash card bonus. Anyways the rep offers me the new 6GB plan and agrees to waive the activation fee of $30 and tells me if I keep my current account my wife and I are eligible to a discount of $10 per month for being long term rogers customers.


I discussed with my wife and we decided to take the offer and do another hardware upgrade on our account as well as add a simple cell phone for our mother living with us.


So I call Rogers on Aug 5 and discuss the upgrade and bonus offers from the rep the week before, she sees the note and proceeds to upgrade us. This is important I think as she has trouble getting the G3 to pop up on my number, but gets the option on my wifes number. Anyways she says she can use my wifes option to order the phone for me as well. Both our cell phones get text messages regarding my10 options and she says this is part of the upgrade.


She tells me I will get an email notification and about 2-3 days get our phones. I confirm we are both getting the G3's with the activation fees waived and the $10 discounts. She says yes and yes everyhting is good. I hangup.


I get the email about the account modification and everything seems good to go... If only I read the email eh?


Long story getting longer... I get two phones in the mail. A new G# for my wife and a classic cell for our mother.


No sign of my G3.


So I phone the support line, explain wht happened and wondered where my phone is.


He tells me my number does not appear to have had a hardware upgrade. But I'm on the 6GB data plan. Wife has hardware upgrade. but nothing shows on my number.... I tell him what happened and that I did indeed go through an upgrade. He comments that he cannot even get smart phones to appear in my hardware upgrade screen... He seems baffled and puts me on hold. He comes back and tells me he is going to call someone and see if they can help. On hold again. Again he tells me sorry they are trying to sort it out and I go on hold again for about 30 mins and then the line clicks and tells me the number cannot be dialed or whatever...


I call back and talk to a different person... go over all the details again... with the same 2-3 hold and apparent confusion as to why my account cannot seem to be hardware upgraded. Finally she tells me she cannot help me and will put in a ticket on the situation. Told I would be contacted in 24-72 hours.


Oh well so I wait.


Tuesday now Aug 14... Figure I might as well call them... I get another well intended but even more confused customer service rep who cannot figure anything out either and says he will put a ticket in on it and I will hear back in 24-72 hours....


Oh well so now I wait....???


Can anyone help me out?


who can I call that is in charge? I feel bad calling these poor support people who cannot do anything for me.






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Re: Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Next time you call in, Ask to speak to a Manager. They might be able to see what is going on.

Also when you spoke to the first rep that gave you the upgrade, did you get any note ID # or his name or her name?

Re: Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

Sounds like it MIGHT have been a bug in the system.. that you cant do any hardware upgrade period? Sure i could see it comming up that you have to pay out or something first if that was necessary, etc.. but shouldnt just outright be locked out of it.


That you got the my10 notification, etc.. would be due to the plan change.. which they could likely do regardless of your hardware.


I agree with Meowmix, try to talk to a manager, they SHOULD know a little more, may have access to more of the system.



Re: Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

I've Been Here Awhile



thanks for the replies.


As for the ID I did not get one for the actual first upgrade, as everything seemed fine.


I have ID's for the next three although it has not done me any good.


I will try the manager angle... You would think the CS rep would think of that no?


The hardware upgrade is not locked out, it just seems to not include any smart phones, but only on my number.


My wifes number, who I might add was added to my account three years ago when I did my last Hardware upgrade, so it is not like she has been with rogers longer or her plan term is up sooner than mine, but she had the smart phones pop up on her hardware upgrade screen..


So yeah maybe a bug or something.


Will call em again I guess.


So I take it nobody on here actually works for rogers? I was hoping...




Re: Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Try speaking to the manager. They will have access to more then reps do. I agree that the reps should have sent u to the managers to speak.

It seems like a bug or something. Yea barely anyone here works for Rogers. We are all just customers

Re: Hardware Upgrade utter fail... what to do?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
There are Rogers reps here, but they are limited in what thy can do. Specialy something like this, would need someone in that area, with more access.

I have seen them have issues before where when upgrading it that it's on an old plan that wouldn't allow it, under a corperte account which restricted phones, etc. but not like you've experienced