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Happy to be a Rogers client

Just wanted to say that after having services with both BELL and TELUS I am very happy to be part of ROGERS,  


On the most part I find the employees happy to assist me with my concerns and questions and are fairly knowledable.


 No company has 100% perfect staff.  But all and all I feel that rogers trains there staff well and has many options to provide us as clients.  


I see a lot of negitive feedback on these forums - its way to easy to find time to vent and complain but very rarely do we provided positive feed back... 


There was a time i was having had finanical hardship Rogers has helped me out  with more time to pay and the only time i was every suspended I was very happy that reversed the restoral fee (due to understanding my situation and aknowleding that i am normally very good at making my monthly payments).. At that time i was even given an offer to reduce my amount owing as a 1 x deal. to help me get back on track. Not to many companies would be doing that! 


I gets calls from rogers to ensure things are going well and to see if I need to make any changes to provide me with better service.  


I feel valued as a rogers client and would recommend rogers service to everyone! 

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Re: Happy to be a Rogers client

Ok, how much did Rogers pay you to post that? Smiley Wink Just kidding.  I'm glad you've had a positive experience.  I don't think any company is perfect, and I truly believe that all of the big 3 need to improve in one way or another.  For me, I've found that Rogers is a bit more flexible than the other 2 in terms of negotiating, promotions etc., but I find Bell's technical reps to be a bit more competent, and their product/service offerings to generally work better.  Anyway, just my 2 cents...everyone's experience will be different.