HTC Sensation no 3G

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HTC Sensation no 3G

I recently bought an "unlocked" HTC Sensation in Asia and use my Rogers Sim card. After calling support and set up the APN manually, I can only get Edge not 3G. I've read that it's a common issue. Is it fixable?


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Re: HTC Sensation no 3G

Hello jlee116,

Just to make sure you got the correct internet settings, here they are again.

Internet Settings:

Port: 80

I don't know if any other Community users had this issue and wants to jump in?

Since the device is unlocked we can't really offer a troubleshooting for it. But, have you tried to contact HTC about this? Maybe they would have more information on this issue.

Thank you,

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Re: HTC Sensation no 3G

It's hard to say without the exact model number but..


The sensation is listed as using the 900/1700/2100 bands for 3G/H


whereas Rogers uses 850/1900 bands.


You get 2G (Edge) because for 2G the sensation uses 850