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I Plan to Stick Around
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HTC Raider

Hey everyone,


like the dozens of angry customers waiting for the Samsung S2 LTE and some who have already gone ahead and picked up an HTC Raider instead, I think the Raider deserves a thread of it's own.


Personally I thought about getting the raider last Friday when it was first released. I too am tired of waiting for the Galaxy S2.


However, I've read pros and cons of the Raider.


Without going into the "PHYSICAL" aspects of the phone aka size/thickness, can everyone post your review/thoughts and pros/cons of the Raider?


I've love to known if this phone is better in terms of performance. Some have already praised the camera so would love to hear how this compares to the SGS2 as well.


Thanks everyone!



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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 62

Re: HTC Raider

I too would appreciate info on this phone. Gonna try to take a look at one tonight.
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 22

Re: HTC Raider

Bump... i'm in the same boat. tired of waiting for rogers to release the s2. theyre losing customers left and right.  ridiculous


anyways. i'd like to know more about this phone from people who have it. anyone playing around with the raider able to give some pros/cons?



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 63

Re: Samsung Galaxy S2

why would it matter anyway if we mentioned the HTC raider on here? thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.....

simply put, people who ONCE had a reservation under the S2 LTE is simply giving all of us feedback on how they lost faith in the reservation system and instead got the HTC RAIDER.....NO big deal, just looking out for kinda have to since we`re on our own when dealing with major corporations......

ahaha well

MUAHAHA YOU CANT STOP ME NOWW!!!!!! im gonna mention that phone on here if i want to!

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Posts: 32,019

Re: HTC Raider

I got it this morning & all i can say is WOW. when you first look at it you will fall inlove with the style of it. The back of the phone looks better then any other phone i have ever seen. The phone it self has a huge screen 4.5 inch. The color is amazing on it. Watching a YouTube video in HD was excellent. Using the phone on 4G was blazzing fast. No lags nor any problems.

- Amazing design for a phone.
- Turns on within 6 Seconds.
- 4G speeds are super fast ( i am not using LTE yet).
- Battery from what i can tell can last you more then the SGS2 even when its %50 from the start.
- Huge 4.5 inch QHD screen. Brings the colors alive.
- Camera is amazing as well. Pictures look more sharp & clear on the Raider then the iPhone 4S.
- Recording a Video on 1080p looks amazing & real. ( unlike the iPhone 4S)
- The dual core 1.2GHz Is blazing fast. I have already 20 apps open & texting & listening to music & i have not seen any lag at all.

I have no cons at the moment. When i get some i will post them.


Overall its a amazing superphone in which i recommend you guys getting. You will fall inlove with it.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 29

Re: HTC Raider

Meowmix, I was playing with a HTC Raider in one of the Bell stores and I thought the screen font is too small compared to a Galaxy S2. Is there a setting where you can adjust the font size? Bell's version is a 4.3 screen

BTW, thanks for the quick review!
I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 153

Re: HTC Raider

Are there native car and desk docks for this phone?


Only thing I can tell you about HTC is that their service, should you happen to need it, is fantastic!  Except for a couple of days when my Nexus One seemed to be "lost in transit" (and I don't think you can fault HTC for that) I was VERY impressed with their responsiveness and service (Rogers - how is it that you're dealing with a responsive company?).


I'd buy hardware from HTC in a heartbeat.

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Posts: 32,019

Re: HTC Raider

I seem to not being able to find the Font size on here. It might not have it. If you add a third party app it will work. The screen on this one is 4.5 7 the S2 is 4.3. Only .2 apart. Not much but the Raider shows clear images. I own a Bell SG2 & i have noticed it. Yes the SG2 has a Super AMOLED Plus 480 x 800 pixels & the Raider has qHD touchscreen display (resolution of 540 x 960). You can see that the Raider seems to have a bit more on it. From my point of view the Raider is brighter & shows more color. Now others may disagree but this is my own opinion. The phone runs pretty fast with the 40+ apps i have on it. I have the same apps on the SG2 & it lags a bit on that one.




@ JCKelly. Yes there is a desktop Dock mode & car mode as well built in. Its a app. Honestly if you play around with this you will fall inlove with it. The design does not look like any other HTC. The back has been changed. There is still a little LED notification light on the left top side. The hardware on it is amazing aswell.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 22

Re: HTC Raider

K so everywhere i go and everyone i talk to is saying the the Raider (or Holiday/Vivid and w/e it's called) is a pretty sick phone.


the 0.3 GHz difference with the GS2 LTE isn't really noticeable and the screen supposedly has very rich colours and is HD. 


only grey area is the battery life since people have only had the phone for a few days, but the general concensus is that it's on par with the 4s and the GS2's that are out.


as far as NFC goes.. yeah it doesnt have it 😞 but given that my 3gs is dying, i'm gonna go ahead and get the raider.


gg rogers for ruining what i wanted to do. 

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Posts: 32,019

Re: HTC Raider

NFC is not needed at the moment seeing as not a lot of places have it. Only a few phones have it but you can never use it since no stores or companies have it in their stores yet.

The battery will die yes but every smartphones battery will die. Even the iPhone 4S died within 7 hours of me using it the same way i did with my Raider.

The screen on the Raider like i said is sharp & brings out rich colors & its HD.
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