HTC Raider ROM/Rogers Debrand - anyone?

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HTC Raider ROM/Rogers Debrand - anyone?

Has anyone had any luck debranding the HTC Raider? I want to get rid of the Rogers crap on this phone, and possibly have stock Android and Sense. I have seen some posts with ROMs, but people that have used them have had issues (wifi not working, etc..).


Has anyone done this before and is it worthwhile/risky? I've debranded a Fido Nokia before, wasn't that hard and it worked just fine after.


In other thoughts, any idea when the Raider will get an Android upgrade??





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Re: HTC Raider ROM/Rogers Debrand - anyone?

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Re: HTC Raider ROM/Rogers Debrand - anyone?

shaggyskunk please stop trying to increase your post count with totally useless posts.


In regards to the original question, check out XDA Developers. That is going to be your first source for any ROMs that are debranded. Usually you're going to find a lot of American versioins of our phones simply becuase there's more of them, but they will support Rogers well enough.


In this case you're looking for the HTC Vivid as it's called down south.

You will find lots of flaky roms unfortunately, however there is where you will find any useful information long before asking here.