HTC One X Preorder

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HTC One X Preorder

Hey guys!

I PreOrdered the htc one x at the beginning  of this month and the phone was released on the 20th (last friday). I'm just wondering of how long it should take for rogers to just ship the phone and if any of you also preordered and if at least you got the shipping confirmation email. Nothing has come my way and calling through rogers it doesnt seem like anyone can verify my order number.


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Re: HTC One X Preorder

IT all depends on how many they have in stock. Once Rogers has the device in stock, Your account will change to " In Progress" Once in Progress it can take 3 business days for Rogers to get the label from UPS & box the device & have UPS pick it up. After that stage your status will change to Shipped once Rogers has shipped the device. This stage can take 3-5 business days depending on where you live. You will get a email with the tracking number & all the info. Once UPS has the device Rogers has no way on knowing where it is unless they are able to track it.

The call center has not been trained & also does not deal with the Pre orders seeing as its done online & not over the phone. The reps over the phone has no way to see the pre orders & all we do over the internet. This is why they are not able to get the info.

Has your status changed at all? Also have you received a email yet? I got my HTC One X the second day after the launch.