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HTC Deisre

Last January, we upgraded our phones.  This past October, I started having issues with one of the phones.  I called for tech support.  They insisted that there was nothing wrong with the phone.  Fast forward a few weeks and the phone is dead and I can’t even charge it.  Naturally, the initial instinct would be to rush to Rogers to resolve the issue, despite having to plan and attend a funeral, but, silly me, my priority is not my cell phone.


Last week, I go to the local dealer to see if they can resolve the issue.  Clueless, they give me the so-called direct number to call.  Turns out, it was for cable television services, but luckily, I get transferred from one person who could not help me to another, and another until finally, the line goes dead. 


I know, with all my other obligations, I should get back on the phone and try again, but no, I decide to get back to work.  Now here I am, January 7, 2014 and I try yet again.  Again, 3 people who cannot help me and again, the line is cut off.


The only information I could gather, was that the warranty on the phone expired on January 2.  I could, if I so choose upgrade at a cost and re4negotiate my contract.  I suppose that after close to 15 years of being a Rogers customer, it would be too much to ask to simply replace the phone.  All things considered, I must be unreasonable expecting to be offered a replacement.


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Re: HTC Deisre

Rogers doesn't make the phones they simply sell them to you.

When you buy a TV from a store, and it dies after 10 months, do you go back to the store?  No, not unless you purchased the store's warranty, you go back to the manufacturer.

Same thing applies here, except Rogers facilitates the repair with the manufacturer for you.

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Re: HTC Deisre

I suppose that's an excuse.  It certainly isn't  reason to disregard a client.  If Rogers wants to ignore basic honorable practices, they should be up front from the onset.  Don't bother offering phones with warranties, and then offer extended warranties for a fee if you're simply going to avoid responsibilty and assign blame to a third party.  That's unproffesional. 


The fact that I tried to resolve the issue on several occasions with a series of individuals who simply passed me from one person to another, and ultimately cut the line simply highlights their abilty to avoid dealing with an issue fairly.

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Re: HTC Deisre

Hello Hbernhard

If the phone doesn't have warranty anymore and u did not pay the $7.99 extended warranty. Then u are out if luck. Rogers does NOT give the warranty here, the manufacturer does. All Rogers does is carry the phone, sell it to us and then if anything is wrong, they take the phone and send it to Flextronics which is a huge tech support place which repairs phones from HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia and some others.

NOW they won't just replace the phone for free of course. That doesn't happen with any carrier. Seeing as u are out of warranty, they do have a program called the Out of warranty phones. This program has a limited amount of phone which cost from $50-350 depending on the model you get. This does not extend your plan or contract. This is one option..

You other option is to do a hardware upgrade. You will need to pay off the Flex tab aka device price left and the get a new phone on a 2 year term.

Your third option would be to look on Kijiji or eBay or even at your local cellphone stores and see which one has a device similar to that or something else for a low price and buy that one.

In the end, the if u want a replacement, u have to oay to get it. The warranty has expired and they won't offer u a replacement for free. No carrier does.