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I would really appreciate some advice on what you think I should do.. Please continue reading...


My previous Employer is accusing me of taking the sim card out of the company cell phone I was using because they are still receiving a monthly bill for my phone, (of course they are, they signed a contract, the phone can be turned off and never used and they will still get a bill in the mail for the monthly plan fee- its called a contract!!) This sounds crazy that someone that is running a company doesn't understand this, but they aren't originally from here and probably don't know how contracts work, or they don't have common sense--> they think that the reason they are receiving a monthly bill, is because I am using the phone!


I looked into this, and since I stopped working there, they haven't called Rogers to cancel the phone or anything, they havent even checked to phone (thats in their possession), they automaticlly thought to accuse me of having it!!


Now, I know that this is as simple as explaining what I stated above to the company, but I got a really rude and aggressive email, falsely accusing me of having it and telling me to return it- instead of asking me what is going on, which would of been the appropriate way, and I would of been more than happy to help them understand how contracts work, and maybe even tell them how they can cancel it!  


Its so frustrating having to deal with this, and they wont understand what Im trying to say, so I was hoping someone could tell me where I could find terms and conditions that state that you have to pay the monthly bill, even if you aren't using the phone! Something that outlines what  a contract is, and somehow proves what I am saying above. I know they can just call and ask but they wont, I just want to send one email back, with documentation from Rogers , like the terms and conditions highlighted and let that be the end of it.


Just to be sure someone else isn't using the phone or something, I looked into the account, because of course they still haven't canceled it, or gone in and taken me off the account-so I asked if there has been any activity- and they said none since August- which is the month I left.. and that they called and cancelled the account (cancellation due to either lost or STOLEN phone).Finally they cancelled the plan that no one was using, but I still need to make them realize how ridiculous their false accusation was and help them see that I dont have the sim card and that its called a contract!


Please let me know your thoughts and please let me know where I can find something that states that when you go into a wireless contract you have to pay for your monthly phone bill, even if you aren't using your phone. I saw all the different terms and conditions pages on the website and PDF documents, but none of them justify any of the above that I am trying to find. Help and support questions all say to refer to the term agreement we got at the time of purchase- I don't have one, and I couldn't find any online, because I know the term agreement goes over contract terms.


I really appreciate everyone's help!!!Smiley Happy


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Re: HELP!!!

If he is not from here, he likely isn't used to the contracts, most places overseas dont have them.

The terms of use I don't think have it in there, as its a more general document, and would cover for non contract people too. The terms would be in the contract itself

Who's name is on the phone/ company is it under? As long as its theirs, you have nothing to worry about. They are the one on the line for the contract, thy are the ones who agreed to it.
The only thing they could do at that point is then take you to court over it. Always best when handing back company property is make them give you a signed paper saying you did (with Rogers, they are supposed to give you a receipt when you hand back hardware, so you have proof just in case)