HELP!! Problem with Rogers Next Box rebooting and shutting off

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HELP!! Problem with Rogers Next Box rebooting and shutting off



Last night around 9:30 my Rogers Nextbox shut down for no reason. It booted back up. So after it was done I turned it back on to watch some tv. After a minute the screen froze but I could still hear audio. It then shut down and booted back up. It kept doing this for an hour so I unplugged the Nextbox and went to bed. I then tried again this morning but it kept doing the same thing. This is the 3rd nextbox I've went through and the 8th or 9th PVR I've gone through. I had a technician come out who did nothing but said the signal was fine. Is it possible that the Nextbox and tv aren't compatible? I had my tv on a stand with two glass shelves, my dvd player under the tv and the Nextbox on the last shelf, could that be the problem? I'm just so sick and tired of having to go back to a Rogers store and returning my PVR. I've lost so many of my kids shows it's unreal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: HELP!! Problem with Rogers Next Box rebooting and shutting off

Shouldnt be anything with the TV... if anything like that.. it would be display/sound issues.. not the box rebooting itself.

I wouldnt think SIGNAL either.. that would cause say a LOSS of channels.. distortion, etc.. but generally shouldnt cause the box to reboot.

So that leads more to your last point.. location, etc.

- Its on a shelf by itself?  Is there anything close around it/ontop of it?  Is the spot its it, closes in with DOORS on the front?
(wondering/sounding kind of like an OVERHEATINT issue)


- How/where is it plugged in?
(could be a power related thing.. not getting enough voltage, etc.. that its flaking out.   If its in a power bar.. try straight into the wall, just for a while to test if that is it.
I actually run mine through a UPS battery backup, to help prevent any sort of power fluxuations)