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HDPVR Nextbox & Apparent Issues/Problems Associated with Them?

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Awhile back or a short time ago, Rogers removed a few channels from the TV located upstairs in our living room. One of the more popular watched channels, TCM ot 'Turner Classic Movies', was removed. In order to retrieve these channels, the analog box had to be installed. Problem solved---right?


I soon discovered that recording a specific channel while watching another channel could no longer be done with this added device.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I soon discovered that in order to solve this problem so that I could record NCIS on Global and watch the hockey game on TSN, I would have to either rent or purchase one of these HDPVR Nextboxes from Rogers.

Now I find it very interesting how this scenario/problem originated and how it came full circle to the point where the cable customer, myself in this case, has to pay Rogers in order to solve a problem initiated by Rogers themselves.


Regarding thse boxes and upon doing some research, I've read there have been numerous issues, problems and/or comlaints associated with them. Customers have had to return them for some inexplicable reason or defect, etc.

In fact the only people I apporached who haven't experienced any problem(s) with them have been Rogers agents themselves.

If anyone can verify or possbily elaborate on my comments above pertaining to the apparent problems connected with these HDPVR units, I would appreciate it if you could offer your comments, finding and opinions.






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Re: HDPVR Nextbox & Apparent Issues/Problems Associated with Them?

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Maybe its just me, but I homestly had a really hard time following what exactly the issue is.....

Re: HDPVR Nextbox & Apparent Issues/Problems Associated with Them?

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Resident Expert
It sounds like they are/were an analog user. To receive all channels now you will need a digital box of some form, a dta at min.
Yes, this will remove the ability to record using things like vcrs, dvrs, etc. why? They are analog tuning devices.

The only way yes now to record (easily) And watch multiple is via a pvr.

People think this is a scam just to get people to rent pvrs. While yes they make money on it, the cost for them to keep the analog network still going, when the majority of users are digital now, is the driving factor.

Any pvr can have a hardware problem. The nextboxes issue primarily is with the software.
You can call in and have them downgrade it to the old software.
They are also selling refurb of the old model 8300s on the shopping channel.

Re: HDPVR Nextbox & Apparent Issues/Problems Associated with Them?

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Hey Oaky, this has been discussed many times before... the common denominator in all of it is that Rogers is not responsible for your vcr, or the ability or ease of how it works/worked before.  They ARE however responsible in providing a signal to your home if your a paying cable subscriber.  They can do what they please with that signal, as they OWN it.  The fact that you can no longer use your vcr in the same fashion that you could before doesn't mean they've done something wrong, or are trying to screw you for more money. No one is forcing you to buy/rent a pvr, its your choice.

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