HDPVR Audio Problems

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Re: HDPVR Audio Problems

I also have been experiencing audio drops. Not sure if it;s the same as what you describe though.


The sound cuts out for a second or two multiple times while watching HD channels (but not all channels - History HD in particular is one of the worst). Through trial and error with a friend who reports exactly the same problem, we have narrowed it down to the digital audio signal dropping off. It is only noticable when listening to digital audio through a home theatre system. The display on the reciever that indicates all the speakers currently in use actually shows that the digital 5.1 signal has been lost and then it kicks in again a second or two later. It happens when watching live or on a recording off the PVR.


Connecting the HDMI cable directly to the tv and bypassing the audio receiver or watching on another tv that has the digital box attached directly to the TV and uses the TV speakers seems fine.


I thought there would be a lot of chatter on the forum regarding this but this particular thread seems to be the only one and it is mostly from 6 months ago.


Is this a common problem? I find it hard to believe that my friend and I the only 2 people to experience it.


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Re: HDPVR Audio Problems

I mostly have problems with Station (e.g. Movietime) that have commercials louder than the actual program , but new CRTC regulations are helping to solve that problem...


Maybe you can schedule a Technician to check the signals coming into the home?


You can also check the diagnostics for signal strength yourself:


-  Press and hold Vol+ and INFO on the PVR together
-  The Diagnostic screen appears
-  Use Ch +/- to scroll through the side menu; use Last to go to Parent Directory

    Signal Strength:
    - Hit Select on the (+) besides the Manufacturer Diag option
    - Look for QAM Status and then the figures beside "Level" and "S/N" (Signal/Noise ratio)
      - Level should be between -10 and +10, with zero being about optimum (for digital stations).
        If the level is below -10, you'll see the number change to "Orange" for "Warning".
      - The S/N ratio is good if it’s at about 35 dB, although a good HD signal can be received with slightly lower numbers.
        If your S/N is around 30 (or less) though, that could be a source of problems.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: HDPVR Audio Problems

Yeah, for an audio cut out all together, is more likely a signal issue.
It could be the TV is not pickey enough to pick it up, where as the receive is more sensitive.

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Re: HDPVR Audio Problems

I have long since forgot about this issue, since I changed my PVR. I now have a Motorola DCX3400-M.


I did notice this past weekend that the audio was dropiing on History HD. I just figured it was the station since I didn't notice it on other channels and I never even related it back to this problem, until now. I will pay closer attention and provide feedback if I find anything.