HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

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HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

Hey all,


I'm thoroughly confused.  I'm by no means a techie, but I'm pretty sure I have it hooked up right. 


I have the aforementioned Cisco box. It has always worked with my TV (Panasonic) directly just fine.  I now have a Sony Home Theatre System.  I have my HDMI connecting from Cisco out to Sony. And Sony HDMI out to Panasonic TV.  When I FIRST turn the various devices on, I get picture/sound just fine (everything is normal).  If I turn the Cisco box off, when it comes back on I no longer get any picture.  If I turn the power bar on and off (that has all devices plugged into it), the same thing happens --- I get picture/sound the first time, but then no time after.


So, right now every time I want to watch TV I have to reset my power bar and wait 5 minutes for the Cisco box to load. 


Has anyone had this issue?  If it's a Cisco box issue (i see the word 'firmware' on here a lot), is there anything I can do?   I guess I'm asking if:


1) do you know what the problem is?

2) do you know what I can do to fix it?? 


Many thanks in advance!!!

Happy holidays,




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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

You may want to turn off HDMI sync on your TV and Sony HT. Most Panasonic TVs have Viera link on by default. Sony uses Bravia Sync or something with a similar name. Also, if you have another HDMI cable in the house, use it to troubleshoot a physical problem with the hook up.
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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

Now, is this happening with the sony home theatre ON or off at the time?

I Have an onkyo surround sound.  I know with it, if there is a power blip, and the devices come on, OUT of order (the surround sound, before the cisco) i get no audio passthrough till i turn the surround sound on then off again.  

If this issue is happening with the home theatre off, may be something like that, i would look at your passthrough options see if there is any other options to try in there.


As mouse said, try turning off any of the viera link or similar things... also if the TV has multiple HDMI ports, and one is an ARC port (audio return channel) try switching it to a different hdmi port, i know some users have had issues with the arc ports before.

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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

@ mousetamer -- thanks for the ideas.  I switched HDMI (with one i have with my computer) and no change.  And I confirmed that both sync mechanisms are off.  Smiley Frustrated


@Gdkitty -- if the Sony HT is ON, the video signal won't process at all.  When it is OFF, when I turn it on it then processes the video signal for the first viewing only.  Note, it requires a full re-set of every device in order for that 'first time' to be in effect again.  


From what I can tell from playing around, the only other passthrough option is for the Cisco to HDMI out to the TV and TV HDMI audio out to the home theatre, but then I can't use most of the functions of the Sony (on screen stuff).  It is interesting though, as it seems to mean that the issue is between the communication between the Cisco box and the Sony terminal --- I wonder if it is some kind of pirating prevention? 


The ultimate confusing thing is why it works perfectly for the first viewing and then won't work any other time.  Most of the obvious troubleshooting options are for if it doesn't work at all, as opposed to this strange 'first time only' situation.


I appreciate the input folks.  Thanks for taking the time. 

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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

Yeah, does seem more like a SONY issue.. something with the surround sound, which is causing this.  Could be some form of HDCP blocking it, etc?
That it works straight into the tv, says the box should be working fine.. its something in how the surround sound is processing/stoping it.. detecting then not or something, on the signal. 
If you are going to play around with it anymore, i would try other settings on the surround sound, more than anything.a


Maybe try Sony's forums for some help?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

Thanks Gdkitty,


I'll post on the Sony forum too...good idea.


I should note, the audio still comes through during the subsequent times...it's just the video that doesn't. 

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HDMI and RCA audio issue 8642 4642 HDC

Roger DVR

8642 vs 4642

Rogers PVRs Nextbox NB2.0 economics

You have the 8642 it supported the old OS the 4642 didn’t all 86s are now on the IPG OS

The update is attractive but high maintenance I noticed a glitch the audio has been lowered by 50% the box is too quiet since the patch the hdmi and rci out are nearly useless as an audio source not the box is not defective as this has been tested on 3 units

It runs slow due to the red colours (Red takes 2Kb to program and all other colours take 1Kb to program)

Memory has been shifted to support Rogers branding over the performance of the device

A new Motorola unit the 3.0 has been release to allow performance and branding

The NB3.0 is the new standard lowering the value of past terminal and potentially increasing the value of the SA8300 or SA83 with the SARA OS

Happy hunting  http://www.kijiji.ca/a-ontario/nextbox/

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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!

New nextbox 3 is a Cisco 9865 not a Motorola.

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Re: HDMI issue with Cisco 8642 HD PVR!!





I think Awla is confused the Best Buy website links the incorect image for Nextbox as a Motorola and not a Cisco 


One unit is for East the other for West 


- This one is mine