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HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

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First post at this forum.


My 8300HD (or rather, Roger's 8300HD) has recently started doing something it never did before.  The hard drive will start spinning up and shutting down every five or ten minutes.  This happens when the unit is not in use (no one watching tv).  If I sit in my living room I can hear the drive turning on and off constantly.  As I said, it never happened before, and nothing has changed (except the Roger's menus) with the setup.  So far it does not seem to be affecting its use - it is working fine - but the noise is getting irritating.  I have been given the 'ok' to switch the box at a roger's store, but I don't want to bother if it isn't going to fix the problem.  Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?  Is it a sign that the hard drive is going?


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Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

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Settings > Settings > Display:Power Off. I have it Blank when power off and it just shows a little green dot.


My 8300SD was like that by default, but the 8300HD showed the time until I discovered how to change it. This way it's easy to tell when the PVR is on or off. My 8300SD is located some distance from the TV itself, so we have to be careful how we point the remote so both turn on and off together and not get out of phase and it really helps to be able to easily see when the PVR is on and off.

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Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up



Thanks. I'm surprised I didn't know about this after having the box for 9 years. LOL