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HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

I Plan to Stick Around

First post at this forum.


My 8300HD (or rather, Roger's 8300HD) has recently started doing something it never did before.  The hard drive will start spinning up and shutting down every five or ten minutes.  This happens when the unit is not in use (no one watching tv).  If I sit in my living room I can hear the drive turning on and off constantly.  As I said, it never happened before, and nothing has changed (except the Roger's menus) with the setup.  So far it does not seem to be affecting its use - it is working fine - but the noise is getting irritating.  I have been given the 'ok' to switch the box at a roger's store, but I don't want to bother if it isn't going to fix the problem.  Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?  Is it a sign that the hard drive is going?


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Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

Picked up two replacement PVR's from Rogers as a test as per my previous post. It will be interesting to see if my picture freezing stops and if the refurbished PVR's do not cycle constantly. Could only get refurbished models as they do not make the 8300's anymore. Will post again next week with an update.

Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

Plugged in refurbished PVR upstairs. Waited for the reboot. Tuned to hi-def channel. Immediate freezing. So bad unwatchable. Took out PVR, replaced with my own. Back to just freezing occasionally. Put refurbished PVR back in. Rebooted. Same as before. While positioning PVR, picture went black. Moved around HDMI cable in back. Picture came back on. Went out and purchased new HDMI cable and ended up with the same problem. PVR unwatchable. Put my own back in. Watchable. Put refurbished PVR in living room to replace my own  that was giving me all kinds of freezing problems. Refurbished model works 100%! Conclusion so far is that I purchased two PVR's out of the box that were defective. ( Now along with the replacement PVR.) More to follow.

Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

I Plan to Stick Around

Our PVR, in the bedroom is doing the same thing for a couple of months now, not sure when it started. Driving us nuts at night. I see there is no solution yet. We are going to leave ours powered up so the darn thing won't spin up every five minutes. Lets go Rogers Tech and Cisco!! Thankfully ours is a rental for when the excessive hard drive starts kill the motor.

Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

I've Been Around

I love the PVR and can't watch TV without it. I remember how I used to videotape everything for later viewing. At the time Iloved that too. What I don't love is this spin up problem. I have three PVRS. Only one experienced this so I returned it to Rogers and they replaced it with the newer Cisco model. I like the black colour and don't miss the Quickstart. But it also has the spin up issue. Funny how the other two PVRs do not. I tried swapping locations and confirmed that it is the PVR, not the cable connection. It brand new and has virtually nothing recorded so defragging is not going to help.


After all the comments here, I don't want to waste my time with Rogers. But I cross my fingers that this will resolve.

Re: HD PVR hard drive constantly spinning up

I Plan to Stick Around

I just wish someone from Rogers would publically aknowledge the problem that exists on BOTH 8300 and 8642 boxes, and explain to the community exactly what is being done to solve the problem, and when a resolution is expected.


I got an e-mail from this forum asking me to submit my information to rogers so that they could call me to discuss the problem.  I submitted the email, and NOTHING.. no call...