HD 3250 Er.01 Br.07

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I've Been Around
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HD 3250 Er.01 Br.07

Just got this error on my receiver when I try to use it. Anyone have any ideas? I almost never use this receiver, I got it as a gift from Rogers in their Satalite to Cable promo in the summer. Probably used it 10 times total as its on a TV in my guest room, does this mean they gave me a free piece of refurb garbage for going over to them? I also had to agree to a 1 year term so I hope not.

Maybe there is a quick fix? I have tried replugging it in but to no avail.Is there away to Hard Reset?


Thank for any assistance.



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Re: HD 3250 Er.01 Br.07

Hi kwallace,

If resetting the box by unplugging it for a few minutes did not correct the issue, you can call in to our Cable Repair department at 1-888-764-3771 or via Live Chat at http://echat.rogers.com for further troubleshooting. You may need to swap your box if a technician is unable to correct the issue for you through those methods.

Let us know how that goes.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: HD 3250 Er.01 Br.07

Hi Folks,


I have a 3250 HD as well along with two 1850s.

The 3250 often reboots while performing transactions with servers it needs to talk to.

This includes Programming Guide, VOD, PPV.


It seems as though the Scientific Atlantic 3250 does not know how to handle error situations or timeouts.

This is just something we live with. Smiley Sad


However, specific to VOD, often you'll find that the Menu Video is playing without a menu to choose from.

If you find this is an issue, then you need to reboot ( Power Recycle ) the 3250.

This will reset the parameters and re-synch you with the network. Not sure why this "fixes" VOD, but the Menu works just fine once you execute this process.


Good Luck !

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: HD 3250

I've had a 3250HD for 4 years now and have a constant issue with the On Demand menus not showing any text. They do show the small video previews with sound though. There can also be a lot of video break up. I can rememdy the situation by re-booting (unpluging) the unit. It is fairly frequent and really annoying. It also doesn't have HDMI out ... arghh!


Is this common, or do I have an outdated or faulty unit? Will Rogers replace it free of charge?


Any help is appreciated ... Pat

I've Been Around
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Re: HD 3250

Hi there - I have the regular box (no HD) and I have the same problem more often than not when I'm attempting to access ROD service. Like you, I always have to reset the box by unplugging it to get it to work - so frustrating! Could someone please advise what's going on?