HBO Canada Boardwalk Empire S.4 Episodes Missing from On Demand

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HBO Canada Boardwalk Empire S.4 Episodes Missing from On Demand

Pressed the remote On Demand button, selected HBO Canada, Boardwalk Empire and found S. 4 missing with a message saying I need to order The Movie Network.

Called Rogers and verified I have The Movie Network. Was put through to technical help. Customer service rep proceeded to tell me to never use the remote On Demand function and only ever go to actual channel. I explained by doing that I couldn't access the previous episodes and I'd always used the remote button until today when it mysteriously didn't work hence my call. The Rep then told me HBO Canada probably told Rogers to remove the previous episodes and there was nothing I could do about it. Going forward he highly recomended never using the remote button and if I wanted to watch a show I'd have to only watch the available week.

Completely ridiculous. I don't believe this is the correct information as there's not been an issue the last 2 months watching any of my programs this way. Why would the On Demand option be available if we're never to use it?

Does anyone have insight into this? I've tried recording shows only to have many of them intermitantly not record so On Demand was working well. I want a service to work or I'll take my business elsewhere.

Frustrated again



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Re: HBO Canada Boardwalk Empire S.4 Episodes Missing from On Demand

Hitting the on demand button, is the same as going to channel 100, there is no difference.  From there, you choose one of the sub sections.. which in essence then takes you to ANOTHER channel, for that one.. in this case would be for the HBO OD (not sure which it is off the top of my head).

So what that rep told you was not correct.


Now, it CAN happen that HBO says to take stuff off... the channel owner, has the full rights to the stuff for on demand, and can take it up/down pretty much whenever they want 😞


BUT.. that is not likely the case here..

I would give them a call back.. see if you can get a different rep.


Could just be a glitch in the HBO OD right now (cant check, i do have it, but am not at home)

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Re: HBO Canada Boardwalk Empire S.4 Episodes Missing from On Demand



That's very strange. I just looked it up on channel 309 and every episode of Boardwalk Empire Season 4 is there. Give it a try instead of channel 100.