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Grey 'Usage' when at Zero % used

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Little confusing, so let me explain.

Past few weeks.. having some real weird issues.. where SOME recordsing play fine, some dont.  Ones that dont, just will freez.. cant exit, some will eventually fail back to the guide, others reboot the box.

Yesterday, did a factory reset.. force it to wipe everything, re-download software/update (just incase botched update?).

But with the recorded program list.. there is the bar where it shows an amount full.
It says 0% above.
But there is like 1/8 of it, already filled in grey.

I dont remember it being like that before at 0%.


Anyone else seen this?
Wondering.. if there were bad sectors on the drive, etc.. that maybe durring the format/re install, it marked them as bad.. so wouldnt be used?


Re: Grey 'Usage' when at Zero % used


Hi  @Gdkitty,


To clarify, is this happening directly on your PVR or when you're viewing it through the AnyPlace TV Home Edition app?



Re: Grey 'Usage' when at Zero % used

This is happening on the PVR itself.


On the recorded items menu.