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Great assistance!!

I've Been Here Awhile

I just used the online web chat to address some questions.  Unfortunately, I think I closed the window before being able to fill out the survey.

Well, I had some billing issues I wanted to ask about.  I spoke with an agent named Mary.  I just wanted to say she was amazingly help and friendly!  She answered all my questions very effiently and directly.  No tech speak or codes I didn't understand.  Just a straight, honest conversation with information that was completely relative to my questions.  She was awesome!  And many of my questions pertained to roaming and the roaming packages that I had turned in points to use as well as a packaged I purchsed.

If I could get a survey link e-mailed to me, I would be very happy to fill it out poste haste!  😄

Thank you, most especially to Mary!  But also to the whole Rogers team!  I am truly and deeply satisfied and very happy with my service!




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Re: Great assistance!!

I've Been Around

I have sent a message but it might not have gone to the correct source.

I would like to inform the Manager of Rene  what an excellent

employee he has.  I would not have been so stressed out had he been the

first of 4 Technicians to switch me from Bell to Rogers - Land line and internet.

He solved phone problems plus my condo buzzer, but most of all, his manner

is very professional and pleasant - the type every boss endeavours to employ.

Thank you Rogers, I am finally in a good place.


Re: Great assistance!!

Good evening @seniorcdn,


Thank you for your post!


We appreciate that you took the time to bring this to our attention ! Cat LOL


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Re: Great assistance!!

Excellent Service with Employee Ms. Karen on Jan23, 2016


Sat. Jan. 23, 2016
Re. Employee Ms.Karen
** I hope this message should be notified to ROGERS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

I would express 'Karen's Excellent Customer Service' who keeps the smile in the most friendly manner!!!
No words how I do describe her lcharacter & help --- it is just an Excellent Customer Service Karen has get done for me.

Thanks VERY much Karen, you are ONE of lovely women & rogers staff.
I was so happy with you, Karen, & hope you are doing very well!!!


Re: Great assistance!!

Haicha Finally Helped Me with NHL


I spent almost 7 hours over three weeks with 5-6 different agents trying to figure out why I suddenly couldn't log into NHL GameCentre despite my continued wireless service plans. The first handful of agents gave up and pretended like it was going to magically fix itself or told me to try again the next day. Pure incompetence. I was going to swallow any cancellation fees out of frustration and just switch to Wind because NHL Game Centre might be the only reason I overpay and don't use a smaller company. I tried one last time and spoke to an agent named Haicha. Haicha actually did his/her job and helped me so I could actually watch my Detroit Red Wings play. Thanks!!

Re: Great assistance!!

Given that others have had similar issues, can you post a list as to how Haicha managed to resolve the issue.  I'm sure that others would be interested.