Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot

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Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot

TL;DR: The grandfathered 6GB plans with Rogers appear to no longer support tethering/hotspots.  Can someone confirm if they still have this type of account?


More details:
I have an iPhone with a grandfathered 6GB data plan.  I've been able to connect my iPad to it for data using the iOS hotspot for the last 3+ years.  Suddenly, it just stopped working.  I've been in contact with Rogers on and off for the last month or so trying to figure out why.  They told me that it was an issue with the device and that I should take it to Apple for support.  The phone btw is their latest flagship device and is about 4 months old.


I was very skeptical since my iPhone clearly tells me to "contact Rogers".  When I plugged in my phone to Xcode, I can see the device's logs and when the hotspot fails, it says: 


<Error>: SIM is not provisioned, giving up (CSI error 61); PDP context 3 (authentication)


It doesn't sound like an Apple problem at all, but let's play along to remove that from the equation.  But first, I went to the nearest Rogers outlet and had my SIM card swapped for a brand new one (one less variable).  It still didn't work so I went to the Apple Store and they concluded that it was not the phone.  They tried my SIM card in one of their phones and then swapped my phone for a brand new one for good measure.  Still, the issue persists.


I called Rogers back and after 2 or 3 days of having someone from their technical team look into the issue, they concluded that the plan was not compatible with tethering (reminder: I've been using it for years already).


So my question to the community is: Does anyone else have this problem on their grandfathered plan? 



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Re: Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot

Hi @zaph,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forums!Smiley Happy


I can definitely see how frustrating this situation can be, where you're no longer able to use the personal hotspot feature. We would love this opportunity to look into your issue. I have sent you a private message to reply to, from our @CommunityHelps, you can also click here to access your inbox. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.



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Re: Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot



I can say, that tethering on my grandfathered 6 GB plan is working just as well as it has ever been. But then, I'm using a unlocked Windows Phone -- think iPhone requires some additional settings.


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Re: Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot

UPDATE: I got independent confirmation from two sources at Rogers that my account is not provisioned for tethering.  They told me that it never was and that if it ever worked then it was by accident.  That's is quite surprising given that I upgraded to 6GB from my 500MB explicitly for tethering.  I couldn't tether while on my 500MB plan and then I could when I upgraded to 6GB.  It doesn't sound like an accident to me.  It sounds more like an attempt to sunset these grandfathered plans or a technical snafu on their end that they can't fix.  


Either way, I'm out of luck.  My only option according to the Rogers staff that I talked to is to ditch this plan for a current plan which is 50% more expensive and still has less data (or, obviously, to entertain the competition).  The best they could do was take off $10/mth for 6 months which is not at all interesting.


I'll also note that while I was originally trying to rule out Rogers as the culprit, I asked a friend who is on a very similar grandfathered 6GB plan but on Fido to try his SIM card in my phone.  He agreed and the result was the same as with my SIM card.  So I suspect his account is in the same state, though I wasn't able to confirm 100% since he doesn't use the hotspot feature.

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Re: Grandfathered 6GB plan and tethering/hotspot

Ok, dumb question, is that to say that phone tethering is controlled by an account setting that a CSR has to set, and that surprise, surprise, there is no switch to flip for your account type or phone type that allows tethering?  If that is the case, and I have to assume that it came up in conversation when you upgraded your plan, why wasn't that indicated to you at the time, or was the indication in the reverse direction, that tethering on your account was authorized at the time of the transaction when in fact there was no method to do that?  Does that indicate that you were sold a plan that would never work as indicated at the time of sale, and if so, why are you being asked or told to upgrade to a more expensive plan that has that technical capability?  You were sold a capability at a given price and should expect that capability or a complete refund I would think. 


If you're unhappy with the current situation, you may want to consider submitting a complaint to the CCTS: