Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice

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Re: Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice

I'm not sure its that great an idea.


I can see it now....Rogers issues these at $5 a month...people scoop them up because they're cheap, and then this place is flooded with post aboutr "Why can't I access the guide?"  "Why can't I get on demand?"



Then they post about how 'Robbers' is forcing them to pay more to get these services.


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Re: Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice

Hello Lurker

You missed " How come Robbers couldn't get enough?", " Robbers guides are having issues". "i dont like the box".

No matter what the price and box is, people will still complain. This is why i never even bother anymore. I was complaining about the NB 2.0 and Gdkitty and others know this. When i got the NB 3.0 i only had 2 complains so far but nothing major on my side. Although i know later on i will find something but i doubt it. Remember i got this one day 1.
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Re: Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice

@jimboden wrote:

I’m happy to report that my old 8300 is working fine and it was a pleasure to watch some good stuff last night without any issues,  Also noticed the 8300's hard drive is a Maxtor, which is still going strong after 9 years.

The first refurbished freebie 8300SD I had from Rogers was flaky. Freezing, clicking, requiring reboots, disk errors, recordrd programs gone. I checked the info and found the drive was a Maxtor. I'd had a Maxtor fail on my PC, so that got me worried. Eventually Rogers replaced the PVR with another one, which happened to have a WD drive and it's been working fine for 5 years. Of course the SD would have had a smaller drive than the SD, so it's not strictly apples and apples.

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Re: Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice



Yes, it seems these things are always a bit of a "crap shoot". Others have posted in these forums that they had lots of issues with the 8300HD PVR and had them fixed and/or replaced many times. The same issue seems to be true for the Nextbox 3. I've had nothing but bad luck with 2 different boxes regarding audio drop outs and have run out of patience after giving it 3 months. It gets pretty time consuming at times too, when I'd rather be doing something else. With me back on my old reliable 8300, that's a non-issue.


I've had WD drives in computers in the past (current machine has a 1TB Seagate) and they were usually pretty good. I also had 2 different WD external drives and they were both crap, failing after the warranty period. I have a 3TB Seagate external which is about 3 years old and it's been flawless.

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Re: Goodbye Nextbox 3 - It's Been a Slice

I arranged the return of the NB 3 over the phone today and it went well. No hassles or questions asked, so now I’m out of the rent-to-buy commitment and I returned the box to the nearest Rogers store. While I was on the phone finalizing the NB return, I asked the rep about package discounts, knowing that his job was not to deal with it directly. He put me on hold for a while and put me through to a very pleasant lady who gave me a discount on my Internet, Wireless, and Cable package for the next 12 months. All in all, a very pleasant experience, so there are some good reps out there. Smiley Very Happy