Going over my Blackberry data plan? When I couldn't have?

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Going over my Blackberry data plan? When I couldn't have?

I've recieved a couple of texts from Rogers; the first being "Rogers Alert: You have reached 80% of your data plan alowance. Additional charges will apply for exceeding your allowance in this invoice period"

This was yesterday at 1pm when i still had 48 MB "left," now I got another text at 7:30am saying I've reached 100% and when I checked MyRogers, I'm over by 47mb.

I never use this much data, ever.

And the tech support and customer service don't know where this is coming from, and they've seen my past bills and can confirm I don't use that much data.

I've been told to go to a Rogers store, to call Blackberry Support, or do the whole livechat thing at Rogers.com (which doesn't work).

Can someone please tell me what's going on...

If you've gone through this, what was the resolution...?


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Re: Going over my Blackberry data plan? When I couldn't have?

When does you plan start each month?) Sometimes when you start a new plan each month the data does not reset at all & it takes a while for it to happen.) Also the tech support should have been able to help you. Call back & ask them what is going on. Tell them you did not that & for them to look into it.


Its been a common issue with a lot of smartphones. A lot of data goes threw without you not knowing. Also do you have any background apps left on? They can take data when they are left on.