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Getting far too much Spam....WHY

I'm Here A Lot

In the last 2 or 3 weeks Rogers 'spam' has been all messed up.  I am getting soooooooooo much of it and so are my friends that are on Rogers.  Not only that but people I hear from on a daily basis are now being put into the spam folder.


With the price we pay for internet I don't think I should see one piece of spam in my inbox or vise versa.  Gmail is free and they are so awesome at separating the spam from the real stuff.


I find this unacceptable.  This is what happens when you lay off 100 people



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Re: Getting far too much Spam....WHY

I've Been Around

I recently (weeks ago and presently) have started to receive all of my 'caught' spam email that is sent to my account via webmail, onto my mobile device.  

Why is spam email caught in the SPAM folder via Webmail ( yet it is sent to my mobile device.

I've setup filters on accounts and subject keywords to no better results.

I've also gone into the Settings (Cog wheel) - Accounts - Mail Account and the "POP:  you can check your Rogers Yahoo Mail in an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird.  Spam will not be downloaded" selected.  Isn't this being selected supposed to STOP spam from getting downloaded?


Totally frustrated Rogers client email recipient here....Rogers - step up and tell us how to STOP spam getting to our devices without us having to setup a filter for each and every unique spam email we receive.


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