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Getting copy of text message history

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You may know the right answer, it is possible to obtain record of messages and pictures send over sms on my cell phone for the last 6 month or so? , the messages where delated already.



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Re: Getting copy of text message history

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Hey @barbas,


Hope your day is going great.


Unfortunately, the information pertinent to text messages and MMS are difficult to obtain especially if the information has been deleted.


That being said, If you need the information as evidence in a court case, there is a way for you to obtain a copy of the source numbers.


Following are the requirements to obtain information as evidence in a court case:


•A court order is normally required to get the detailed records.
•Source numbers can be provided for 13 months historically.
•Your lawyer can submit a written request to our legal department, in order to obtain the text message history, within 30 to 60 days.


The other option is to retrieve information if you have a back up set up on your device.


I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thanks.



Re: Getting copy of text message history

I called in mid July 2016 and requested text from a man who assaulted me on July 16, 2016. You told me that a court order was needed but you know the police don’t act that fast. Who can I talk to about getting my transcripts. It’s of vital importance.

Re: Getting copy of text message history

Hello @LeanneTaylor,


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community.

I'm truly sorry to hear about what happened to you. We most certainly want to help you.


With regards to text messages detail records, we cannot provide the content of text messages.

For incoming text messages history, a court order is definitely required.


I can only imagine how trying it must have been to go through such an ordeal.

Unfortunately, I need to let you know that these records are only available for 13 months.


Pertaining to your particular situation, law enforcement can potentially contact us on your behalf to request some of the data that may still be available, at this time.


Hope this helps!



Re: Getting copy of text message history

has anyone else out there had their cell phone data just disappear and Rogers tell you they have no idea what happened or where it went?  i need to retrieve my cell phone messages that were wiped out January 29th of this year.  i have critical text messages i need to retrieve for a court case.  rogers claim it was the phone and sent me on a wild goose chase to the android phone maker all the way to Brazil????  this is the phone Rogers gave me when i switched to them.....and it isnt the phone, but Rogers glitchy service.  how to i get Rogers to retrieve my critically needed text message history?  thanks.  please no i am very low tech, no data on my phone other than calls and texting and photo taking.  no internet, FB, banking or anything else, just simple phone calls and texting for my kids and friends to keep in touch.  thanks......this is a huge issue for me and Rogers is ignoring the problem.


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Re: Getting copy of text message history

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Dis you delete them, or did they just disappear off your phone?

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