Getting close to leaving Rogers

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Getting close to leaving Rogers

Got an e-mail telling me how to make use of the enhanced guide. Spent about an hour trying to follow the directions then call technical help. Turns out the new guide was not loaded on my new (upgraded) box. No apology for wasting all of my time.

The new guide was loaded and I lost my recordings.

Spent over an hour looking for how to set and manage reminders - not the schedule of recordings. In the process I reviewed all the posts about this so called "enhanced" guide. I have another issue to add to the litany of complaints: it is not possible to add a program reminder except for doing it one day at a time. Fibe, Shaw and the old guide have this features but I guess the developers of the new guide didn't think it was necessary. How dumb can that be? I had to call tech support to see how to set and manage reminders and she was obviously embarrassed to have to admit it wasn't possible.

I have switched to back to the old guide (and once again lost my recordings). I have read that shortly Rogers will force us to move to the joke they call the enhanced guide. If that is the case and the reminder functionality is not in the new system, we will leave Rogers.

In the process of figuring out how to connect the new box, I tried to view some of the videos on my IPad. They don't play because they seem to be in Flash. I know that someone at Rogers has heard of IPads because they have launched some apps. And speaking of apps, when one tries use one of these apps to submit an issue to support, you get an e-mail in return saying the "Rogers is PLEASED to advised that they no longer respond to e-mail". I bet they are pleased to have totally wasted my time composing a well crafted and complete explanation of the problem. Talk about total frustration!




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Re: Getting close to leaving Rogers

Your nit-picking.  You say mid way through your post that you were able to set reminders with the "old" guide.. which leads me to believe your somewhat familiar with that guide... therefore you should have realized you had an OLD guide as commercials advertising the new enhanced guide have been playing for probably over a year... not to mention its all over their website.  Unfortunately nobody wasted your time but yourself.


Rogers would like everyone with the new Cisco boxes to take advantage of the new enhanced guide, but they cannot "force" the new guide on you.  For people with older boxes, the new guide is not compatible, so the likelihood of there being 2 guides available for a long time is very high.


If your saying your going leave Rogers just because you cannot set a reminder, then it really sounds like you have other beef with them.  How hard is it for you to set a reminder on your phone?  I know you shouldn't have to, but to say your going to leave your service providor for something like that doesn't make sense... especially if your recieving proper service without interuptions, hardware failures, etc... what I'm trying to say is that there are SO many more reasons to dump a providor, but to say your going to leave them because you can't program a Timer?  Sounds a little childish to me.

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Re: Getting close to leaving Rogers

i have not heard of any thing to cut off the old guide/boxes. There are ALOT of standard boxes, older boxes, which can not get the new guide out there... even the new DTAs are based more in that way.


Now.. to be able to use many of the NEWER features being released for the services, yes, one may need to have the new guide.

Unfortunately, there are some features that have NOT carried to the new guide.. which many people do want.. we may see them at some point or maybe never. 


Whenever any changes are made to the OS, while recordings MAY stay, they are never guaranteed (actualy, PERIOD they are never guaranteed, but thats another story).  The person you talked to about adding the new guide, SHOULD have mentioned this to you 😞

I do agree.. some of the Older apps, do need to remove that link to the support via email.. as like you found out, they no longer support.  Only call in and webchat.

Maybe that is something rogers should look into, changing the videos to a more 100% supported viewable format.. but there are MANY pages that use flash out there... its unfortunate the iOS is the only one that has chosesen to NOT support it.




Really in the end, its your call as to what/who you go with.  You have to do what is best for you.
Just make sure to do all your research first.. and make sure the other guys product, does what you want.. BEFORE making any changes.. as you might end up in the exact same boat.