Getting a static ip ?

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Getting a static ip ?

I'm on the highest Internet you can get from rogers in Newfoundland which is Hybrid Fibre 250. It great and I had no issue till about a month ago.

My modem every 2 days or so has to be unplugged and plugged back in to get my internet connection back.

Just called support, btw waste of time because after 25 mins of waiting, this guy I got didn't do anything to help. I told him the issue and when it started to happen. He went silent for about 3 - 5 mins and then said, when it happens again call us back. What is that for an answer.

So I'm thinking the rogers modem isn't renewing the IP right or getting a new one when it should. I mentioned that to the support guy and asked if rogers will sell me a static IP and his answer was "call us back when it happens again". That point I just said thank you and good bye.

Rogers need to either do training with customer support staff on dealing with tech issues more then on how to answer the phone, or they need to hire tech support people who have a back ground in IT of some sort.

Now onto my question, does rogers like other companies allow customers to rent static IP's or personal IP's. Or is there a way I can force that rogers modem to keep the IP renewed so I don't got to be unplugging it every 2 days to get my internet back ?

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Re: Getting a static ip ?

While for me it's ontatio, I would think that it's the same, that the IP should generally only change every 6 months or so, it should not be every few days.

Again, at least in ontatio, I know they do sell static ones that don't change.