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Getting a new line after bankruptcy nightmare!

I've Been Here Awhile


I was a Rogers customer for over 4 years. Got two phones and contracts with the company previous I was with Telus. However due to personal financial crisis I had to put my old account into my bankruptcy. That was a year ago, I was discharged in March. I went about a month ago into Rogers I am ready to get a new phone and a new line. However since trying to open a new account Ive had nothing but trouble. After the rep at the store tried to open the account it would not let him, after a process of him making a ticket and waiting they said I need to pay off the debt on the old account to get new services. That account I can still login and the balance is there though it says its cancelled which it was before I added the account into my bankruptcy due to inabilty at the time to pay it off. So it begun a long process of weeks now calling credit operations and speaking to agent upon agent and making cases and them telling me it will be sorted within days its still not resolved. I went back tonight for the third time, after I spoke to an agent yesterday they said my account was updated with the bankruptcy cancellation etc. Hoping it cleared but it didn't still get that message when he tries to open the account says I need to pay off old debt. But I cant get anyone to write it off I don't understand how after a year now its still not written off on Rogers end. After I was on the phone tonight at the mall for 2 hours trying to get the new account ban lifted that I am not obligated to pay that debt any longer. One rep who was in my opinion rude felt she had to tell me as if I am already not aware to make it pretty clear that because I am high risk they wont just give me a line and she went to say which she was the first agent to say that in looking into my account I need to get that old debt paid off or written off. I tried to explain to her it was declared in bankruptcy I no longer am obliged to pay it off. It should have been written off months ago. It shows it has been on my Equifax report. I ended up hanging up on that agent I was not going to deal with someone judgmental and unhelpful and only basically telling me ya I put it in bankruptcy but I still owe the money or she said something about that the trustee has to pay something. I called back and got through someone else that seemed more helpful and she tried to figure it out with a manager basically now told me to contact my trustee they need to send the paperwork again for the bankruptcy. I don't know if I should bother I am tired of being shuffled from department and agent to agent. I should not need to go through all this and have this old account haunt me. I've learned through all this their is obviously no clear and proper customer handling of cases like this as I have come to learn and read I am not the first one to experience this after filing for bankruptcy and have an old account haunt me later. Should I continue fighting it or just give up and go somewhere else?



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Re: Getting a new line after bankruptcy nightmare!


Hello @mmcomsa,


A warm welcome and thanks for sharing your matter with the rest of the community. We understand you are in a tough spot at the moment. 😟


Our Credit Operations Team are the best ones to deal with regarding any bankruptcy matters, so you've been on the right track. It is really important that we receive all of the required paperwork from your Trustee before the account balance can be rectified at our end. I would recommend that you continue to work with your Trustee and our Credit Operations team to get everything finalized. 


In the meanwhile, if having a new wireless line is of great urgency for you (which I know is definitely the case for most), you may want to consider activating a prepaid line. With prepaid service, you can select a monthly plan that suits your needs and no credit check is required.


For the purposes of social distancing during this current pandemic and for your own safety and security, I wouldn't recommend visiting any stores, but you can easily reach a live support Pay as you Go agent over the phone to discuss your options:



Mon-Fri: 8 am to 9 pm EST

Sat: 8 am to 9 pm EST

Sun: 10 am to 8 pm EST


Kind regards,



Re: Getting a new line after bankruptcy nightmare!

I've Been Here Awhile
Thank you I understand and know I am dealing with credit operations and which is the right department to now. I just do not understand why my trustee has to resend the paperwork again? This account has been sitting around with the amount for over a year now and nothing is resolved. I was discharged in March. I dont understand why it hassnt been written off yet my trustee shouldnt need to resend the paperwork and cause all this trouble if that department properly handled stuff. Its frustrating to have this haunt me later down the road. But I guess it is what you get for going bankrupt

Re: Getting a new line after bankruptcy nightmare!

I've Been Here Awhile
Their is no ending to this. Ive spoken to many angents they all tell me different none know what to do. I am tired of calling and talking when nothing is resolved. I contacted my trustee today she doesnt understand why they are being difficult. She said that they are probably tricking me into paying the amount. She sent me my bankruptcy list of claims and Rogers is their and admitted to the amount and claim. I do not get why it has not been cleared out of the system and account. Is their an email I can send to show they addmitted to it. Credit Operations the agent I just spoke to said to contact CC and ask for it he didnt know. I am tired of being shuffled back and forth. I think I will let it go and just go back to Telus. This is the worst customer service Ive ever experienced and obvious I am not the only one.
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