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General communication of service not available

I Plan to Stick Around

Last week, both tv and home phone were not available.

I signed on and checked various ares of the website and no indication of problems.

I then connected support and they indicated no known problems and wanted me to invest more time helping them to diagnose my particular problems.

During the discussion, it became apparent tech support was aware of a general problem (no service) in my area (Markham).

After having spent a lot of time, in investigation and solution mode, nothing was done for me by tech support and the service eventually returned. This happened on several occasions last week.

My question is, as a communication company, why are you not using general support messages (website and phone support) to inform customers?

It is very disconcerting to have to spend so much time investigating, troubleshooting, and resolving lack of service situations when a simple communication message would save much time and effort for customers and support personnel.






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Re: General communication of service not available

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @cwrb


Thank you for your post.


Your feedback and suggestion for communication messages when services are not available will definitely be taken back to the approperiate department.


Thank you again for your feedback.




Re: General communication of service not available

I Plan to Stick Around
Sorry, not the response I was looking for.
You should understand I will be speaking with Tenisha Jones tonight. She is in the "office of the advisor to the president" or something similar.
This forum protocol need improvement!
Do you not understand users have jobs and cannot take the time to fine tune their communication to rogers!

Re: General communication of service not available

Good day @cwrb,


We are very sorry you are feeling this way.


As @RogersPrasana indicated, we brought your comments to the attention of the team in charge.


If you still feel the need to voice your concerns and share your thoughts with the Office of the President advisor assigned to your case, it is definitely something that we understand.


We apologize again for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Take care and have a great day Smiley Wink



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