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I'm a Trusted Contributor

On snow...listed as Jay's game the game not hockey information. Nothing but hockey the Last 30 minutes.
Nit all want to watch hockey.

Listings are wrong says hockey is baseball and visa versa


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Re: Games

I'm a Trusted Contributor
I would bet that a lot if Jays fans who wanted to watch Vlady’s debut where confused.

I’m not sure where the western feed for the game was shown but but for viewers in Ont. they announced yesterday that the Jays game was switched to Sportsnet. I guess because the Leafs were finished for the season. I guess it was too late to change the guide but I would have thought that there. would have been a scroll along the bottom of the hockey game directing viewers to where the ball game was being shown.

I had set the Jays game to record on Sportsnet One but fortunately checked the recording and saw that it was hockey so was able to switch and record the Jays on Sportsnet even though the guide listed hockey on that channel.