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Re: Gamecenter problem

Same problem I joined up and it says:

Thank you for logging in with your MyRogers™ credentials. Your profile does not appear to have a wireless or internet account linked to it. Please link one of these Rogers accounts to your MyRogers profile or subscribe to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™. Visit for more information.


Been on hold for 1 hour and 15 Mins, losing my mind as the first agent was a tool.

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Re: Gamecenter problem



I might be late to the conversation here but I had issues signing into apps on my phone and Apple TV until I realized there is a specific version of NHL GameCentre for Rogers. If you use the regular NHL app version you can't get in.


Also, Rogers Game Center will work from outside Canada. Details here.


If you login to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE from outside Canada and can’t see Rogers content in the Rogers NHL App.


  • In the Rogers NHL app, go to Settings > Preferences (iOS) or Settings (Android), and select Rogers Sign In.
  • Log in using your MyRogers credentials.
  • Once logged in, you will have access to the same features as if in Canada.
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Re: Gamecenter problem

I wish that were the solution @steve7735 but in my case my credentials work fine and it does not matter whether I am using my laptop, my Android device or my Roku I can't access the service.


From a web browser or on my Android device I simply get the same message as everyone else:


"Thank you for logging in with your MyRogers™ credentials. Your profile does not appear to have a wireless or internet account linked to it. Please link one of these Rogers accounts to your MyRogers profile or subscribe to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE™. Visit for more information."


Couple hours until puck drop Rogers...


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Re: Gamecenter problem

So i fixed the problem i was having logging in to nhl gamecenter live with my rogers account using my free subscription. If your using android this might help you.

1st check the version of nhl gamecenter live you have. I had NHL Gamecenter Live with the 2015 2016 update and this us the problem. You must uninstall this version from your device 1st.
Next go to google play store and search the APP "Rogers NHL" install this app on your device.
Turn on gps.
Open the newly intalled rogers nhl app
Agree to the terms
Set up you preferences or skip
Once on the main screen open the menu tab and you should see "sign in my rogers account"
Enter your my rogers credentials. Email password
Should be ready to watch all nhl games etc.
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Re: Gamecenter problem

As far as I can tell, all of these GameCenter Live problems were created when Rogers signed their big deal with the NHL. Prior to that, you had to create an account with the site. If you wanted to pay for a subscription for GameCenter Live, you did so. If you got a free subscription from Rogers, they provided you with a promo code. You used this code to get GameCenter Live for free. You logged in. You had no issues. 


Since Rogers signed their deal with the NHL, there have been nothing but issues; log-in issues; account issues; problems for people who are non-rogers customers; support issues for apps on Smart TVs or Smart Blu-Ray players; and the list goes on. As an example, I have a free subscription this year because of my Ignite Internet package. I download the app for our iPad, log-in, and get it all set up. Then I try to play a game and it tells me that we must be a Rogers customer in order to watch the game. So, I log-out, click on the game where I am then taken to a log-in page, log-in again and now the game plays. Do I have to log out and then log-in every time I want to watch a game? It was so much simpler when I could do everything through the NHL page. Now - I cannot even click on a link to the NHL page without being hijacked by Rogers to a new page. Rogers - why do you continually try to fix what is not broken and then break it?

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Re: Gamecenter problem

I am subscribing to the French package of NHL GCL. I am not a Rogers customer.


Tonight I wanted to watch Ottawa @ Buffalo game. I accessed the game on my PC, fine. On my iPhone, fine. However, when I tried to watch the game on my TV using NHL app on my Sony PS3, I encountered error.


I entered the app, put my e-mail and password, and went to the game icon. In the game icon all options are locked. I clicked the French one, the system told me I was not authorized.


I called helpdesk at 1-844-764-6459, waiting for 30 minutes, spoke with someone, wait 15 minutes, she found out I was not Rogers customers, transferred me to non-customers service. The system then said wait time between 55 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes. So I hung up.


Can somebody here please help?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Gamecenter problem

I can only imagine having a problem and BEING a customer.  After being on hold (same as yoy) I found myself giving lessons to the helpdesk, some would tell me I would have to get the full package then add on the french package I would find myself reading the webpage to them, others would tell me its not available in my region (only west of bellville I live on the WEST COAST I'couldn't be more eligible. Explaining east of belleville get all the french games. and therefore don't need it. I cancelled my subscription returned my roku resubscribed to the center ice now at least I let telus pay them for my subscription. I remember When rogers service was available out here (BC) and they tried negative billing (give you a free channel for a month then start charging you if you didn't cancel). shaw cable took over thankfully.

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Re: Gamecenter problem

I tried the link. It does not work.

I got an agent who didn't know anything. Then transferred me to tech support on hold no less than 20 minutes. If I got a person why couldn't I get another live person? what a waste of time rogers.
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Re: Gamecenter problem


Hello, @dbili


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry for the poor experience, would you please elaborate which link is not working? We can definitely work with to find the solution.


Looking forward to your response!




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Re: Gamecenter problem

the link provided by Chris from Rogers.   the fact remains that regardless of how you go about it the gamecentre is not working on any of my devices.  It is either your account username and password is wrong, though i have successfully logged in several times.   i got the Montreal game for about 1 mi ute before it to,d me to install Adobe flash wi

hich was installed and it stopped working.  this was in windows 10 using Edge.  yes Adobe was turned on.   i tried the app on my ipad and iphone 6 and it told me  o accounts were linked.  i went on laptop to Rogers and it tells me all of my accounts are already linked.  i called support and spoke to someone after being on hold betqeen 8 and 12 minutes.  she then put me on hold to wait for tech support.  after 30 minutes i hung up as no one was coming.  not even a wait time message.   and unrelated you got me to switch out my pacee box and game me a refurbished motorola which guess what     doesnt work.   now i have to take another trip to the store and you wont have a replacement.   you really need to get your act together at Rogers.    My Shaw neighbourhood is switching to Fibe