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Gamecenter problem

I've Been Around

It's 6:56 and I'm wating for Leafs game. I'm stuck on  at the Watch Tab


Current NHL GameCenter LIVE™ subscribers sign in:     DOES NOT ACCEPT MY MYROGERS LOGIN.      I have already got the NHL Checkmark on


The only things visible is:

Upgrade to Watch Live Games, Replays and More



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Re: Gamecenter problem

I've Been Around

Worst sports app ever,


any company that charges 200 for streaming better make sure it works 100%...


First there is a problem with Game Center on so many different devices.. I use an android box, and downloaded the Game Center app via google play store.  I have to watch the games live, i can't watch any games that are done already.  This is my main issue that no one can help me with;  every single time there is a commercial.. my loading bar comes up and it stays there spinning circles.  So what i have to do is back out of the game, and hit watch and hope the commercial is finished.  So can't do that if i wanted to watch the game at a later date.   Also overtime i click watch it sits there and says NHL app is having trouble verifying your location. Make sure you cellular/wifi is turned on and your locations services are enabled... Super then when it feels like it it finally loads the game.


honestly this is a terrible APP, just terrible.. don't know who's at fault Rogers? or NHL? but both should get their act together.. way to many complaints on the internet for a 200$ service.   



Re: Gamecenter problem

I've Been Here Awhile

So I can sign in and click on a game to watch. Int he new window I just get a black screen with a message on the screen "Select  a game".
My Adobe is up to date. *Hence I can see the message to select a game*
I've tried in Edge,Chrome, firefox same results in each.
My speed test is 76MB down and 20MB up.
At the time I can see the score scroll and if I scroll the screen down I can see highlights and Around the league highlights. 
Please help me fix this as I'd like to be able to enjoy the content that has been paid for. 
😄 Thanks

Re: Gamecenter problem

I've Been Here Awhile

Are you still having that issue?

Re: Gamecenter problem

I'm a Senior Contributor

Not sure if the NHL or Rogers has done something, but I must give credit where credit is due. The last two games that I watched (cast to Chromecast) has produced a picture perfect game - the one where the picture quality is actually superior to anything shown via Rogers Cable. I experienced no degraded picture, no buffering, and no audio issues. Hopefully, it will remain that way for the balance of the season.

Re: Gamecenter problem

Hello there @Fogarty,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thanks for your posts!


I can imagine the inconveniences caused by not be able to stream your favorite team's games.

I hope you were able to resolve the issue preventing you to watch NHL games since you posted.


We most definitely want you to get your money's worth and get your access to Rogers NHL Live back!

We always recommend users to clear their cache and delete their browser's cookies, as a first troubleshooting step.


Are you sure the game you are trying to stream is not blacked out?

Blackouts exist due to NHL broadcast regulations in order to protect the financial interests of the NHL’s local broadcast partners who own the rights to Regional NHL in-market games from individual NHL teams in their local territories. Blackouts only apply to live in-market regional NHL games, they do not apply to national games or out-of-market games.


Rogers has included all national games and out-of-market games within Rogers NHL LIVE™.

For more info, check out our handy What Can I Watch? tool.


To help you out further, we'd need more information.

  • When did you first notice the issue encountered?
  • Do you have any pop-up blocker enabled?

Let us know!

We'd like to help you resolve this! Smiley Wink




Re: Gamecenter problem

I've Been Here Awhile

No it was not a Blackout game. It worked on my phone.  But I rather it worked on my computer cause I was at home. 


I cleared my cache, ok'd the cookies for the site, There's no popup blockers, no added AV's to any of my browsers. There's no VPN, Made sure everything is up to date. 


Also if it was a Blackout game the display would say it can't display the game or it may just keep a circle loading screen.  It would not display "Select a game" and load the rest of the screen. 


I noticed it on the 9th for the game and while the game was on. It also occurred for the game on the 10th. 

Re: Gamecenter problem

I am having blackout issues as well which makes this product a complete waste. I live in Ottawa and using an ip location site it says I am located in London, ON. I can not watch Leaf games with my computer or xbox as I get a blackout messages basically saying I am not an out of market customer. What can or will Rogers do to fix this ip location issue?

Re: Gamecenter problem

Hello @mceachernrj,


Thanks for your post.  I'd be upset too if I had to watch Sens games instead of Leaf games Smiley Wink


Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps so that we can further investigate and find the solution for you. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.


Go Leafs Go!



Re: Gamecenter problem

I sent a message over a month ago and have still not heard back from anybody.

Re: Gamecenter problem

Hello @mceachernrj!


I just checked all the way back to December 2017 and we haven't received any PMs from you in our @CommunityHelps inbox.


Please resend it at your earliest convenience.


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions: