Galaxy Tab S-What are Rogers' connectivity plans?

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Galaxy Tab S-What are Rogers' connectivity plans?

Yesterday I was almost ready to get from Rogers a Galaxy Note 8.0 in replacement of my Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. What attracted me, other than the product itself, was the Wifi/3G/4G/LTE connectivity. But then, I read about the expected announcement on June 12 of Galaxy Tab S.


Now, as I did when I was waiting for the Galaxy S4 smartphone, I think of waiting until there is some clarity about the plans Rogers has for Galaxy Tab S. If it will offer similar connectivity options as Galaxy Note 8.0, I may go directly to Tab S. On the other hand, the availability of Galaxy Tab S may bring to a fall in the ridiculouly high cost of Note 8.0 ($499 with "selected" packages), and this may convince me to take the Note 8.0. 


Therein lies my dilemma.


Any rumours about a Rogers version of Galaxy Tab S? 


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Re: Galaxy Tab S-What are Rogers' connectivity plans?

Hello DoruM

Unfortunately this is a user to user forum so nothing has been said yet. That date is a Samsung release date, not Rogers date . Rogers may or may not get it but for now nothing has been said. I would suggest waiting to see if other sites will have rumours of it or Rogers says something.