Galaxy SIII Rebate?

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Galaxy SIII Rebate?

I recently purchased a Galaxy SIII from my local Rogers. The sales associate who sold me the phone told me there is a $50 rebate I can file for online through the rogers website. I have searched high and low on this website and have not found it. 


Can someone please point me out to it? Thank you.


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Re: Galaxy SIII Rebate?

Hello magdie. Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums Smiley Happy.

There are threads on here with the answers on how to get the rebate online. I will post the links & the info you need as well Smiley Happy.

Here is the answer as well.

1. Log in and navigate to MyRogers.

2. In the secondary navigation (which contains overview, bills & payments, etc.) click the "Products & Services" tab

3. If you're not on it by default, choose "wireless"

4. If you have multiple phone numbers, select the rebait phone number from your list

5. Under the "My phone" section, you should have a rebate option.

6. Choice the " Get my Rebate" & it should work.

If the rebate does not show up, i would suggest mailing in the original mail in rebate coupon you got from the store OR download it from Rogers & then filling it in & then mailing it to them. It will take 4-6 weeks.
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Re: Galaxy SIII Rebate?

I did not find it under Overview, however, I did find it under Products and Services once I had logged into my wireless account.

Thank you for posting the original info!