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Galaxy S6 email video resize

I Plan to Stick Around



When sending a video larger than 20mb with the Samsung Galaxy S6 mail app, you get the option to resize the video. It's a great feature, but is there a way to change the aspect ratio setting for the resized file?


Because, once resized, video is now in 4:3 aspect (640x480) even if thge original is 16:9.





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Re: Galaxy S6 email video resize

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
Hey @jefflessard
Is this Email or MMS?
Or another app (3rd party) all together?

Resizing usually does 4:3 on MMS. That's the nature of MMS formating.

However, my personally sending vids, I have compressed and "resized" 16:9 vids using Video editing apps. They work much better. :]

Hope this helps.

Re: Galaxy S6 email video resize

I Plan to Stick Around

It is with the default Samsung email app.


If I try sending the same video with the Gmail app orMailbox, I just get the message that the file is too large and cannot be sent.


I just choose to send the link provided by Google photos for the file I want to share, but it would be great if the video could be automatically resized to a corresponding ratio. (like in iOS)



Re: Galaxy S6 email video resize

I personally don't use Samsung email app.
I use Outlook and Gmail (since I have microsoft account and obviously gmail account due to android and google services)

So I didn't need much of sending videos

I also have a pet-peeve for sending compressed videos. So I always upload it and then share it with someone via private link.
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