Galaxy S4 LTE question

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Galaxy S4 LTE question

Hi All,


I've had my Galaxy S4 for about a month now and my friend with an iphone 5 pointed out that my phone always says 4G and not LTE whereas his shows LTE.  Rogers promotes the LTE network with the S4 and I checked my postal code and it is available so I was wondering is 4G and LTE the same?  May be a dumb question but figured someone here would know the answer.... My guess is no because my friends iphone shows LTE and 4G depending where he is so I'm assuming they are different.


Thanks for your help.

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I'm a Senior Contributor
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Re: Galaxy S4 LTE question

You need to ensure you are using an LTE MicroSIM with the S4 to get LTE service.

Are you sure you are using an LTE microSIM with your S4?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Galaxy S4 LTE question

Im not really sure what that is, how to check if i have it and where to get it if i need it. Any help is much appreciated.
I'm a Senior Contributor
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Re: Galaxy S4 LTE question

Where did you get the SIM card from?  Did you upgrade or activate a new line?

You can get one from any Rogers store if you don't have one, but maybe you need to call customer care to find out if it's an account issue and not a SIM issue.

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Re: Galaxy S4 LTE question

Hello there,


I just got my S4 last week. It sometimes says just "4G" and sometimes it says "LTE". My understanding is that it changes due to availability. Sometimes LTE coverage is not available or my signal is too weak for that i think, and in that case it will show just "4G". But whenever I am in an open area of my city (London, ON), it shows LTE usually.

Maybe LTE coverage is not good/available in your area for Rogers? That doesn't seem likely though.. Especially if your friend gets "LTE" on their iPhone.

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Re: Galaxy S4 LTE question

Hello Lombs

I would contact Rogers & see if the sim card you have is LTE. When you got the S4, did you activate a new sim card it came with OR did you just add the sim card you already had? If you activated a new sim it came with, it most likely is a LTE sim. If not then your sim may not be LTE.

Also have you checked if LTE is turned on in your settings? Go to Settings - Connections - More Networks - Mobile Networks - Network Mode. IT should say GSM/HSPA/LTE ( Auto Connect)

If it shows that, then you need a LTE Sim card. If it does not show that, click on it & change it to that.

See if that works!
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